Monday, September 14, 2015

I'm baaaack....

As if you even noticed I was missing, right?

I've missed blogging these past couple weeks, but as always, life gets in the way and it certainly did a fine job of that here lately. Understatement of the century.

Fall baseball practices have occurred. First game is tomorrow. Based on E's batting at practice, I'm tempted to say that THIS will be HIS season. Oh My Goodness. Please!! There are NO words for how badly I want to see him crush the ball, he certainly has the strength, if we could only put all the pieces together. *crossing fingers*

I'm still running. Having some shoe issues though - for the first time ever. I've always been a New Balance running shoe girl. I'm on my 5th pair (or so) and I've been wearing them since March with no problems until recently. That seems really weird. On the suggestion of a super runner friend, I'm headed to Fleet Feet tonight for some serious shoe help. Apparently, they will let me run on their treadmill and help me find a pair of shoes that will be a good fit for me. 

On the topic of running again (sorry for you non-runners), I challenged myself to a 6 mile run yesterday at a pretty hilly park here in town. I had never run there before. Six miles ends up being 3 times around the loop. There are 3 awful, I mean, absolutely awful, hills on the loop. No matter which way you go, you get one of them, but frankly, going down is almost as bad as up. Almost. I'm happy to say that I finished all 6 miles upright, but my pace was not where I would like it to be. After pouting a while, I analyzed some of my more recent runs and my pace was slightly (very slight) better than prior runs considering the distance. Hooray me. I only hope that over the next 4 months I can shave some more time off. 

So far we have not had much in the way of 2nd grade homework. Having typed that, I am sure I just jinxed myself and Ethan's backpack is loaded down with a truckload. Ha!

Let's start the countdown to Disney, shall we? 156 days. Let them fly by please. 

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~**Dawn**~ said...

I don't even have an excuse. My life is as moderately busy as it usually is. I just can't seem to locate my good groove with blogging. Hmmm.