Monday, November 09, 2015

Zooma Women's Race - Nashville

We spent the weekend in Nashville, initially so I could work the Zooma Women's Race Expo for Momentum Jewelry and then a few weeks ago (pre-injury) I decided to sign up for the 5k race. The Expo hours were 10am-6pm on Saturday. E & O were in and out throughout the day, taking time to enjoy a walk downtown and a children's park nearby. When they came back, Ethan and I enjoyed the backdrop for selfies.

Me, pretend know...since I can't run in real life right now. Argh!!!

All day Saturday I went back & forth on whether to walk the race or not bother and just sleep in. 
Deferring and/or refunds were not an option. 
Ultimately, I decided that I wanted my medal, you know, since I paid a small fortune for the race anyway, and so I would walk the 5k. 
Easy peasy, right? 
 A couple pictures before the race started. 
It was a crisp morning, about 45 degrees at 8am. 

Walking through downtown, coming up on Margaritaville...way at the back of the pack of course, but there were plenty of people behind me. After we got home Sunday, I received an email with the results...which irritated me more....their mile markers were off by at least 1/10th of a mile. My Garmin hit each mile well before the signage and also reflected a better pace and finish time than the "official" race time. I was constantly checking my watch for pace throughout so I really think my watch was right. I've not had this happen at any other races, so pretty safe to say their markers were off. 
My official time...haha...if I had been healthy and running, I would have finished about #33, instead I came in at #83. :(  This injury is completely frustrating me. 

Honestly, I never should have done the race because I did not walk slow and after the first mile, my upper hamstring was not happy. By the time we got home, my shin was hurting which probably means I was compensating somehow with all the walking I did yesterday. When I woke this morning, the shin was somewhat better but not 100%. Normally I would go to the gym after work today but instead E and I will go see the Peanuts movie tonight. Resting is hard and especially so right now as I was in such a good groove, lost 11-12lbs so far, running regularly, eating pretty well and now all exercise stops. My mood will probably take a dive too. Ugh!  

I really need to take a break and fully heal though so I can be completely ready for the WDW Princess Half Marathon weekend. The last thing I want to do is to have to cancel that trip. I'm so excited about it so that will be my motivation to rest and get my hamstring back in good shape. 

A couple things about the Zooma race that sorta "irked" me...(1) their website is consistently confusing...there were 2 different sets of Expo hours listed up until 2 weeks ago...and (2) part of the "goodie bag" included a Zooma, I realize it's probably just a book with blank paper, but I love things like that and typically the shirts are nothing for me to write home about and my plan for them is to make a quilt I was looking forward to this journal item. In my journal. I asked about it...the gal said it must have been a typo on the website. What? Really? Nobody proofreads or what? It just gives off a very unpolished feel to the race/company for me. Not sure I'll be rushing out to do another one of their races. Did I mention the medals were super-blah?

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