Monday, November 02, 2015

November Goals

I have a few things I'd like to get done this month and thought maybe if I document them, they may actually (magically) happen...right?

1) Read 4 books. Yeah...that's 1 per week....and that has not happened all year. In fact, I'm so far behind on my reading goal that the only way I'll reach it is if I adjust it down. (Or take a whole lot of sick days) Not sure what happened this year on reading....well, I do but there's no point in going down that road.

2) Make 8 blog posts. That's a 100% increase in what I've been doing...lately I've only been posting 1 time per week...reasons: no time and nothing worthwhile to write about.

3) Run the 2 races I'm currently signed up for this month. I'm still bummed I had to cancel on my 4 miler on Oct 31. I'm headed to the doctor today so hopefully I'll get some solution or healing plan on the hamstring situation. It's been 2 full weeks with NO improvement. Not good....especially since I'm signed up for TWO 1/2 marathons in December. 

4) Remove the broken treadmill from my house. It's been sitting in my bedroom for 3+ weeks now. It has wheels on it. It should not be too difficult to move out with a little help from the hubs. I put it on the wipe board this weekend and it still didn't (magically?) happen. Ugh. I want it out.

5) Organize my closet. It's usually pretty well organized, but the shelf part has become a "catch-all" recently and desperately needs some tidying up. If people would just buy my stuff on Poshmark, the cleanup would be a lot simpler. 

6) Re-focus my eating habits. Since the running has been put on hiatus, the eating is not as disciplined...if this goes on much longer, it could pose a real problem. I am truly stressed about it. Look at my teenage-ish face and you'll see I'm telling the truth. 

7) This one really stretches into December, but since it starts in November, I'm listing it here. I really want to run 1 mile a day from Thanksgiving morning through to the end of the year. I've seen online people who have done this and while 1 mile is pretty short, the long commitment will be a challenge, especially on any traveling days. Anyway, I just hope I'm healed up and ready to go, especially since I'm already registered for a 5k on Thanksgiving morning. 


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Good luck with all of your goals! I don't know how you do it all - I'm exhausted at the end of every day that I can't even think about doing anything, except for a bit of reading before bed. Hopefully your hamstring gets better soon too.

~**Dawn**~ said...

A book a week is ambitious! I feel like I've gotten somewhere if I average 40 pages a day. As for 8 blog have a list here, which is always one of my springboard ideas. What about one of the old school "questionnaire" posts? That is always another good fallback. I hear ya on not always having what feels like good blog fodder. I have peaks and valleys too.