Sunday, May 15, 2016

Saturday is for camping.

We went camping with my dad this weekend...I'm not much of a "camper-girl" but I did have a good time. I was pleased with the timing of the trip as it also falls during Ali Edwards "Week in The Life" project...this is my 6th year taking part in it and here are a few images from Saturday. 
Of course, I had to start the day with a short I could eat a S'more later!

Ethan and I set out for firewood - pretty good haul!

Hauling the wood back to our campsite.

Finally some relaxation...camping is hard work...seriously!

Making lunch - hot dogs rolled in crescent rolls - yum! Thank you Pinterest!

Silly camping selfie with grandpa/dad.

Oh yeah - the boys went fishing and I sat by the fire and read my book...
then I got too cold and had to go in the camper to read.

Beautiful campgrounds.

I'm loving this priceless photo - grandpa and grandson fishing together.
They caught 8 (small) fish!

Freezing again...there just wasn't enough sun and a bit too much wind.

Family camping picture.

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