Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Take 5

I saw this awesome "Take 5" post on Christine's blog a while back and wanted to do my own list here...I love this idea and am simply not creative enough to come up with these things myself. 

5 Things that I Wish I'd Do But Am Not
30 squats per day
Save more money
Enforce "no tech" time at home (at least a couple hours/day)
Cook great dinners.
Advocate for myself more

5 Bad Foods for You that I Not-So-Secretly Love
OREO cookies -original only!!
French Fries
Reeses Puffs Cereal
Birthday Cake Ice Cream
Milk Duds

5 Things that Make Me Irrationally Angry
"Good 'Ol Boy" attitude and behavior
Having to call AT&T or other service provider to argue about billing
Being "forced" to do something I don't want to. 
Passive-Aggressive behavior
Bad drivers

5 Splurges I've Made 
Signed up for the 2017 RNR Nashville 5k
1 pair NIKE Tempo running shorts 
Sport coat for Ethan's 1st Communion
Drum Lessons for Ethan

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To
A 1/2 day on Friday - Thank Goodness!!
Going camping with grandpa next weekend...and I'm so NOT a camper!
Summer break
Trip to Michigan this summer
Trip to Panama City Beach, FL this summer

5 Things I Need to Do... Like Yesterday
Find a new job.
Stop at AT&T and have them re-bundle my services...ugh!
Go to Staples to buy toner.
Go to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy hand soap for dispenser.
Pay off my credit card.

5 Places I Wish I Could Go Right This Damn Second
Walt Disney World
Walt Disneyland

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