Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bookish & Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is a weekly blogging event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. It allows book bloggers (and non-book bloggers) to write about pretty much anything, bookish or otherwise (i.e. share exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things encountered during the week. **************************************************************************************

1) Meant to post last week, but just couldn't get my act together finish my post...

2) Like most people, I'm glad the election is more annoying ads and debates...but now the problem is the constant complaining...which I think is worse. Hey guess what...everything doesn't always go your way...suck it up, buttercup. Neither candidate was ideal, but it's time to move on. And quit complaining on FB too. Ugh!

3)  I really miss stopping at ChickFila on my morning commute (except for the mean girl that was working there). Unfortunately, my only options for a fountain Diet Dr Pepper now are from Pilot...and while I've been stopping there, it's just not the same. I have actually purchased a couple of bottles of DDP at work lately and they have tasted fabulous so I may start to wean myself off the fountain drink (yay, no need to stop anymore) and just buy bottles at the grocery store. Cheaper too!! #winning

4) The constant controversy of who has it "harder" - working moms or SAHMs is one that constantly gets under my skin. This is a topic that gets me heated whenever (1) it comes up or (2) whenever something negatively affects my life because I am a working mom (not by choice). I do think moms who WANT to work can be excluded from this controversy but for those of us with NO choice...well, it sucks. Latest example, that I have to pay $50 for 5 hours of after school care next week (only 2 school days) when that is normally the cost for 5 days. No pro-rate. No holiday discount. Nothing. A problem that SAHMs don't have to worry about (or pay for). Even if I could arrange for Ethan to not go those 2 days, I have to pay $50. This kind of thing makes my blood boil. Meanwhile - the SAHMs are flying through the pick up their workout clothes.

5) I'm reading The Keeper of Secrets right now. I'm enjoying it and very curious to see where it goes. So far it's been a lot about old famous violins and uber talented violinists...but I'm guessing eventually we will get to the part where they realize they are in the company of a rare (missing) violin that is priceless and was thought to have been lost in the Nazi raids during WWII.

6) I'm really in a quandary about what I will read next...though I'm worrying about this prematurely as I'm only 30% into my current book. There are just so many good choices...and then GoodReads has their voting for Choice Awards and I discover a bazillion more books I want to read.  *sigh*

7) Check out this "Can we guess your education level? Quiz by the books you've read?"  I got to question 38 and then noticed I had 23 more question to go....what??? 61 questions...I gave up...maybe I'll go back to it. 

8) So after only 3 months in my new job, I started having mega pain in my hand & wrist...yay...welcome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Great! I bought a brace to wear at night....which oddly enough, as soon as I put it on, made my wrist feel 100x better. I also got a new ergonomic keyboard and mouse. I've been using these things for 2 weeks now and haven't had a single pain. Amazing. Hopefully it lasts. 

9) Ethan and I have made watching The Voice together a tradition. This season though, I am not LOVING anyone SOOOO much that I'm dying to watch the show. I hope the remaining contestants really show some crazy talent soon or I may fall asleep while watching.

10) Speaking of TV....Ethan and I also loved watching Cooks vs. Cons on The Food Network. We are anxiously awaiting Season 2. Well, I just got wind of a show I"m going to love EVEN MORE....a spin off from Cooks vs. Cons, called Bakers vs. Fakers!!!! OMG.....I cannot wait until this show starts!! I wish I was a good enough baker to apply....instead I'll admire from my couch.

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