Saturday, November 05, 2016

Currently-November Edition

In an effort to be more consistent and planned with my blogging, I am going to try to do my Currently posts on a monthly basis, hopefully within the first week of each month. Ha...wish me luck! Here we go...

Thinking about: this weekend and the fun we will have while camping. It's a black bear habitat, so hopefully we do not get attacked or eaten while there. Yikes!

Reading: I'm just about done with "Winter Garden" hoping to finish it en route to campground tonight. It's been a "different" story in terms of the way it's delivered/told, but the last 100 pages I think are going to be the best, probably because the mystery of the whole thing will be revealed. They are definitely some broken people though. 

Listening to: Hamilton and more and more Hamilton. Cannot get enough. It will be very painful if the show eventually comes to Atlanta but is so unreasonably priced that I cannot manage it within our budget. I guess I should start saving now. 

Watching: only The Voice and This is Us. The Voice is a show Ethan and I enjoy together every week. He loves Adam Levine (and secretly so do I). This is Us....well, yep I'm on the bandwagon with that one. And it seems to be a big bandwagon too. 

Eating: too much of everything it seems lately. Ugh. Poor self control. I start out the day really well, eating good, tracking everything but then most evenings end in a crash and burn, especially now with truckloads of Halloween candy in the house. I have got to reel it in and get things back under control. Of course, I'm still working out and drinking a ton of water, but apparently not enough to offset my poor eating habits of late. 

Wearing: whatever is comfortable and appropriate for work. I've been struggling in this area since starting this new gig. I'm not one to wear heels, I don't even own a pair, but a lot of the women here do wear them and look really professional. I'm just not a girly-girl...never have been. Also, we are business I'm really loving my chino pants and cardigans. Still dressing like a school teacher (counselor), and that's ok by me. 

Wishing: for so many things...leaving the political out, I will focus on personal instead...I wish I had the financial blessings to allow me to be a stay-at-home-mom...clearly this has been my wish for years and now that Ethan is in school all day, it's different, but I still would love to pick him up from school each day and have the afternoon with him. I don't think I'll ever fully accept that this hasn't worked out for least I'm not angry about it anymore, but I'd by lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. Add to that the many hours I would have each day to work out....I would be in amazing shape (for the first time in my life). OK -dream over...back to reality. *sigh*

Loving: Fall weather. Leggings. Sweaters. Scarves. Weekends.

Looking forward to: any and all days off from work. So in this case, I will be off early on Election Day, so that will be nice since Ethan will be out of school. Having been at a private school previously, he always had school that day. Coming up on the heels of Election Day will be the lovely Thanksgiving holiday. This is where I begin to second guess my job change (for the bazillionth time) since I will not be off on Wednesday and Ethan will. The bright side however is that I will get out at 2pm as the company will close early. 

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