Thursday, November 12, 2009

post by numbers

1-wednesday night class left, then just a take home 'quiz' & that class will be complete pre-Thanksgiving! Woot!

2-times i've been puked on by E. as a result, i have realized that i prefer being pooped on vs. puked on...the smell is MUCH more tolerable. really, it is.

24-WW points I can consume each day.

4-bottles of water consumed each of past two days.

64-ounces of water consumed each of past two days.

7-days i'll be spending in Dallas in December & I am super excited.

13-days since i last ran. *gulp*

5-pounds i hope to be down on monday. that will put me down into a lower "decade" range.

7-hours left in the workday.


M.J. said...

Poop vs. puke...only a mother could say what you said. I can barely scoop my cats' litter box without gagging.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

OMG! I snorted coffee out of my nose when I read this post. Seriously, you think poop smells better? Hmmm, it's been so long - I honestly forget.

Congratulations on the weight loss. Keep up the good work. Are you actually on WW?

Chandra said...

I would much rather be pooped on then puked on too! The smell of regurgited food makes me want to puke!

Great idea for a post..a post by numbers, I never would have thought of that!

How many miles do you run? I run 3miles every morning...rain or shine and just can't get past that 3 mile mark and it's starting to make me MAD! ( I just want to legitimately run a 5K just once in my life!)

K13 said...

MJ-the cat box is NOTHING once you have kids...believe me. I have 2 cats....still nothing.

T&D Girl: oh yes! the poop is WAY more tolerable than the puke. BELIEVE ME!! Yes, I joined WW on Monday...for the bazillionth time in my life.

Chandra-I don't run daily. I'm (trying to) training for a 1/2 marathon I've signed up for in March.

Kelly said...

I agree, poop over puke any day. In the four + years we've had kids, mine get me every time, and it's just gross. Never their dad... NEVER.

A total running hiatus does a body good sometimes!! Now you can get back to it feeling good & rested and have lots of time left to feel good for your 5K.

Rachel said...

You will rock the WW weigh in!

~**Dawn**~ said...

After 5 years & 60 kids in daycare, I would take *anyhthing* over puke. Nasty. (Baby spit doesn't bother me. I mean the variety that comes once actual table food is being consumed.)

JW.BW said...

Ok, now we know where you stand on the age old PUKE VS POOP question!! You are too funny!! Sorry about youre being used as a puke target!!

Beth said...

Puke is pretty awful. Then again, so is poop.

It sounds like you are feeling better! You'll get back in the groove of running. Drink your water and count your points and lace up those shoes! Remember, you are stronger than you know.