Wednesday, April 21, 2010

20 questions

And now I return you to your regularly normal scheduled blogging...

1. Whose baby did you last hold?

My step-sisters daughter's son. So technically she is my step-niece, so the baby is my great-step-nephew...phew..that's a mouthful. His name is Max. He's cute. And of course I hold my own baby every day, but since he's TWO already (WTH), it's hard to refer to him as a baby anymore.

2. What is your preferred brand of dishwashing soap?
I use anything I have a coupon for, so I guess that means I have no preference besides cheap.

3. Cadbury Eggs or Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs?
If it's the Eggs, they have to be the Caramel ones, not the Creme-filled.

4. When were you last on an airplane?
December 31. Return from Dallas, TX.

5. Are you afraid of lightning?

6. Something that happened to you in 1992:
I turned 21!!!! Funny thing is I don't remember a big drunk-fest of any kind, so either it didn't happen or it did and I drank too much which is why I don't remember. Ha! Actually, we had a small party @ my house with some friends. I did my hard-core drinking in my pre-21 days. Not so much afterwards.

7. When did you last run?
I believe it was Friday or Saturday...a whopping 2 miles. Planning another quick short run tonight after I get home from my night class. I don't typically run on Wednesdays but I'm feeling guilty that I didn't run last night.

8. Are you guilty of peeking in medicine cabinets?
No. If I look in one at all, it's because I need something.

9. What guilty pleasure do you hate to admit liking?

10. Has anyone ever called you a bad influence?
Not to my face, but I suspect the mother of my first boyfriend somehow thought I was since she would turn the phone off at his house so when I called he wouldn't hear it. I'm pretty sure she was a member of the "girls don't call boys" party.

11. Pineapple or watermelon?
Fresh pineapple. Yum!

12. Have you ever seen the ocean, live and in person?
Yes. Both Atlantic and Pacific although not as frequently as I would like.

13. Tell us about your nickname(s).
Max is my most common and favorite nickname...comes from my last name (I know that would be a surprise to those of you who know my last name - hee!)

14. Do you have a ceiling fan somewhere in your home?
Yes. In the living room, master bedroom and office. E's room needs one but not a big priority since he doesn't sleep in there!!!

15. What do you look forward to most about Autumn?
The cooler weather and the colors of the leaves.

16. What would I find in the trunk of your vehicle right now?
I drink drive a Ford Escape, so there is no trunk, but E's stroller is in the back.

17. And in your kitchen sink?
Two 9x13 Pyrex dishes from baking the treats for work/class today.

18. Who do you kinda wanna smack?
Not sure.

19. Preferred sleepwear: nightgown? pajamas? undies? au naturel?
Pajama pants or shorts & tee shirt.

20. When you use a grocery cart at the store, do you return it to the proper place?
I usually leave it in a corral but rarely ever take it back into the store and that's primarily because E and I do the grocery shopping together and I don't want to leave him in the car alone for long. Also, I always try to park next to a cart corral. Funny the changes you make when you have kids.


~**Dawn**~ said...

You drink a Ford Escape? Hee! ;-) When I make typos like that, it's usually because I am either thinking about something else or talking, and I end up writing that word instead of the one I actually meant. Those typos always make me giggle later. =D

K13 said...

Ha Dawn!! I (obviously) didn't even see that!! Going to fix it now!

Nitz said...

Hey, just came across ur the whole presentation! and about the nickname thing... I kinda don't know ur first name either!!!!

emilysuze said...

I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only mom who parks next to the cart corral! Growing up, my dad always taught me to avoid parking next to one so my car wouldn't get dented, but now I search out spots close to those corrals.