Tuesday, April 27, 2010

checking in & almost free

~I find that the bullet-point style posts just seem to work best for me...so here's another!

~After a few interviews & a few phone calls in search of someone to watch E at home over the Summer, it turns out that the daycare WILL DO part-time on a case by case basis, so E will stay there Mon-Wed and then be home w/me on Thursdays & Fridays! I like this better for the sake of routine and his social interaction. Now if his fussiness over getting dressed in the morning would go away, we will be all set.

~I'm just about done with the last assignment of the semester...a 5-6 page paper for my Practicum class. It's mostly reflection, but with a bit of other mumbo-jumbo thrown in. Mine turned out to be 9 pages and I have NOT added any "fluff" nor can I find anything to take out. I've never had that problem before...of writing a paper which far exceeded the required number of pages. Ha! I have my last Practicum class Wed morning to turn in the paper and then I will be FREE!!

~I wonder if a goal of reading 25 books over the Summer is a bit overly-ambitious?!? That's just about how many are sitting on my nightstand and I would love to read every single one of them.

~My back pain has been hit or miss lately. I thought it had pretty much gone away after 2 weeks of rest, some anti-inflammatories & muscle relaxers, so I quit taking them and started running again...only a couple miles and then like magic, the pain is back. It's not as severe (thank goodness) and so I'm back on the meds and I have a check up on Thursday morning so we'll see what happens. I'm really wanting to sign up for some more races, but then afraid to in the event my back wigs out on me again.

~One race I'd like to do is the St. Jude's 1/2 Marathon in Memphis. It's not until December 4, 2010.

~And I still want to do a local 1/2 in Oak Ridge, TN which isn't until November 21, 2010.

~And then there is a 10K on May 29 right here in Knoxville. That's the one I'm most afraid to sign up for right now since it's right around the corner.

~I need to get back on the WW wagon badly. Monday was good so hopefully I can continue. I'm still up a few lbs since the Disney race. I really need the pressure of going to the WW meetings and weighing in there. Silly I know.

~I need to make a new banner for my blog.

~Oh yeah...tomorrow is my 3rd wedding anniversary. We are going out to dinner to celebrate the fact that we both have somehow managed to survive (you know, and not kill each other) the past 3 years...seriously.


M.J. said...

Happy anniversary! And happy almost-over semester!

You can read 25 books over the summer easily, depending on what you read. Obviously if you're reading great classics like War and Peace, it will be tough, but if you're reading lighter novels, you can definitley do it.

Hydrant girl said...

My college instructor would never give us limits on a paper. He said write as much as it takes to make your point, not a word more not a word less. I think that was the best advice I got from 3 years of school. And for your back pain - massage?

Señorita Andalucíana said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy it :)
As for the back pain, I've been doing this yoga video at night that has really helped me. It's called "Zen in Your Den", found on HULU.com and it's free! It's only about 20 minutes long but I sleep like a baby and my back is doing really well. Ask your DR. if it's ok for you to use it :)

Anonymous said...

Happy almost Anniversary! Not killing each other is an accomplishment deserving of a celebratory dinner.

Can you please teach me how to make a banner? I can't even get the pictures to be the right size on mine, they're either too big or too small.

Heather said...

it is not silly that you need certain type of motivation to keep going on the WW. mine is a young man i work with who makes comments to me on how good i am looking (very innocently but it makes me feel good) and helps me get on track with commenting on what i am eating! hang in there and you can do it, just like i have to tell myself!