Tuesday, April 20, 2010


~last week my plans to hit the gym on Thursday & Friday were thwarted by The Croup which attacked E keeping him w/a fever for 5+ days (his longest ever).

~my plan is to hit the gym this Thursday afternoon. Friday contains a conflicting activity so boo, but maybe I can do a treadmill run at home on Friday evening (since I *never* have any exciting Friday night plans<---but that's ok)

~i had planned to run tonight. didn't happen. just not feeling it. it was a semi-emotional day. i do feel worse for not just getting on the treadmill, but my less than stellar mood took over, plus add that I had to bake 2 dishes of milky way cookie bar thingees for work tomorrow, clean the kitchen, do laundry and other random miscellaneous house tidying things. meh.

~i interviewed one girl for summer child care today. i liked her. she has nanny-ed for two families previously and done various other child care duties. she is majoring in Child & Family Studies. Bad news...she will be gone for 5 weeks spread over the Summer, so that won't work. boo.

~candidate #2 interviews tomorrow.

~i placed an ad in the school newspaper since I only have (had) 2 candidates so far and really would like more to choose from. hoping for good results there.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I hope you find the perfect nanny. =)

emilysuze said...

Yumm...milky way bar things...so tasty. :) I'm sure your co-workers appreciated the effort you went to make such a scrumptious treat.

Good luck with the nanny-ing interviewing process.