Tuesday, June 01, 2010

daycare woes

~So for the past 2-3 weeks E has not been too happy about going to school/daycare.

~I drop him off around 7:30/7:45 (when we are late) and he stays in a classroom upstairs until 8am when his teachers arrive and they proceed downstairs to the Toddler/2 Year Old room.

~The issue is that he is NOT wanting to be in the upstairs room AT ALL. He sits down in the middle of the lobby floor & pouts. Today he threw his juice cup on the floor and staked out his camp by the front door; both so I could not leave & likely hoping he could escape. Not fun! And of course, he has been crying most days when I leave...like today...big time.

~The 2 teachers in that room are so sweet. I like them. One is an older woman of Indian (not Native) descent. She is very motherly and is REALLY good with distracting E. The other gal is sweet as well, she's young (early 20s) and currently pregnant w/her second child.

~This change in E came out of the blue, completely from one week to the next. He is only going to school 3 days per week right now, Monday-Wednesday while I put in my time at the university (yes, it feels sort of like a jail sentence).

~Seriously though, there is NO convincing a 2 year old to go in the room for just 15-30 minutes until his teacher arrives. It just doesn't work. I'm hoping this phase ends soon.

~On a brighter note, since I technically "lost" yesterday's child care due to the holiday, the owner is letting me take E there on Thursday which will result in a (much needed) reprieve from life for me...while I am looking forward to the alone time, I am also experiencing extreme feelings of guilt over this. They say mom's need down time and while I would agree, I also wonder why it has to make me feel so bad/guilty/sad, etc.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Kids are put on this earth to provide us with the greatest feeling of joy and love and with overwhelming feelings of guilt - all within a period of 10 minutes.

Take the time to yourself on Thursday - it will make you appreciate your time with E even more.

Levonne said...

It is so hard to feel peaceful when your little one is not peaceful. When they can't tell you what is happening and all you have is there behavior, you second guess what you are doing. All I can say is that all of us that were once kids were pretty resilient. E. will hopefully grow for the better because of his experience. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oh, kids and their phases. Is he at least having fun when he gets into the room he wants?

If you want, I can give you lessons on not feeling guilty. When I am out by myself (admittedly, rarely, since I'm an idiot), I don't think about them, unless I see something I need to buy them. And I don't feel badly about it. They are NOT the center of my universe. An important part of it, yes. I like to tell myself it is what makes me a marginally good mother. =)

K13 said...

T&D Girl: you are so right. now if only I could remember those facts. I plan to go scrapbooking on Thursday.

Levonne:thank you. hoping this phase passes soon. thanks for stopping by.

Amy: Oh yes, he has a ball once he's in his room & his little friends are all there. Please give me some non-guilt lessons...I need them.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I know I am very late to this party (I've been diligently working through my Google Reader this week though!) but I wanted to add that, while it doesn't make it any easier on you, we had plenty of kiddos who would react the same way. He's at an age where they really assert their opinions--and usually in these repeated yet randomly selected instances with zero explanation. Just because they can. I think of it kind of like when kids first learn to tell a joke & they find it appropriate & hysterical while you're left scratching your head, saying "Uhhh... that wasn't even a joke, much less funny..." He has an opinion, but is just not grasping the proper time or way to use his opinions. =P (Ya know... this makes sense in my head, but not so sure it does in type.)