Monday, June 28, 2010

serves me right

~Ack! There is a standardized test I must take prior to graduation and I had planned to take it over the summer.

~I've been totally OUT of 'school-mode' so far this summer, as I selfishly enjoy reading books for fun and very little scholastic material (for now).

~Well...turns out that test is only offered one more time this year! On July 24th at 10:45am...the same morning I should be pulling out of TN and driving southbound for FL. Oh joy.

~I've also missed the regular registration date so I will have to pay a late fee!

~Things like this (never) happen(ed) to me...I'm normally "on-top" of such things...but clearly I have "checked-out" of least over the last 8 weeks.

~Looking like I'll have to pay the late fee, take the test on the 24th and then hit the road around 1pm...not my preferred schedule, but serves me right I guess for not staying on top of things.

ETA: found out that my dept @ school will offer the exam in August or later so YAY for not having to take it on July 24 and paying the late fee!! I love good news!


emilysuze said...

Ouch! But good thing you caught that before you missed registration all together! Are you worried about the test or is it one that you know you'll ace?

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Ahhh, everyone needs a little excitement in their lives... said...

ick. Bummer. But for the silver lining, at least it wasn't a complete loss and that you missed the test entirely. that would have been incredibly frustrating.

Megan said...

Look at the bright side, you're going to get it out of the way and be done with it. I just know you're going to pass with flying colors!!!

imogenci said...

Glad you got good news, after all :)

Enjoy your FL trip & best of luck with your Aug. exam...