Tuesday, June 08, 2010

what she said

Now I only have myself to blame
for falling for your stupid games
I wish my life could be the way it was
before I saw your face.

You stole my happy, you made me cry
Took the lonely and took me for a ride
And I wanna undo it.

You had my heart, now I want it back
I'm starting to see everything you lack
Boy, you blew it, you put me through it
I wanna undo it.

Carrie Underwood - "Undo It"


Travel & Dive Girl said...

If it were only as easy as "hitting the backspace button"...or maybe it is...

Amy said...

Boo to poopy-pants!

Heidi Renée said...

The Staples "Easy" button needs to become real. Also, I love this song. And Carrie Underwood in general.