Monday, August 02, 2010


I need more balance in my life...I'm not talking about "work-life" balance...I mean "good/bad" balance...let me show you:

Good: Got the school counselor job!!! 

Bad: Car breaks down, spends 1 week in shop.

Bad: Forced to take dad's teeny car on 1400 mile trip to FL.

Bad: Ethan was a beast on the road -both ways. He did SO much better in March!!

Bad: Forgot countless items for trip..i.e. swim diapers.

Bad: My Tiffany bracelet broke.

Bad: Disney denies me entry on ticket w/one day left on it. Treated like a criminal.

Bad: Forced to purchase $80 one-day ticket so dad can get into park.

Bad: Dad's back is so bad...he leaves park after 2 hours in great discomfort.

Bad: Go to Disney character dining alone (with E) & realize I have wrong camera lens.

Bad: Dad's driving home freaks me out & end up driving most of return trip.

Good: Made it home ALIVE.

Bad: Picked up car from shop...and symptoms return less than 24 hours later.

Bad: Get to deal with car dealership AGAIN this week.

I'm ready for the tide to turn...


emilysuze said...

I feel you. I purposely have not blogged lately because all I have to write about are things that are going wrong. How did it go talking to the management at the dealership? said...

aw, friend. I'm sorry that things are so rough for you right now. I hope it gets better quickly!!!