Friday, August 13, 2010


This past week has been a whirlwind...even Monday & Tuesday before I started my new fact, it's been a crazy 3-4 weeks what with dealing with the car issues & such.

I finally picked up my car on Tuesday afternoon, repaired to the tune of $900....yeah, glad it's paid off...that would be the bright side if there even is one. Ha! Of course, I was told it would be ready on Monday evening and was making great plans (in my head) for E and I on how we would spend Tuesday, our last (week)day together...all for nothing since I didn't get the car 'til Tuesday. *sigh*

Wednesday was my first real day on the job...we had an all faculty organizational meeting in the morning and a child safety training in the afternoon. I met tons of people, some of which I remember their names, others, not so much...all in time.

I had all day Thursday to work in my office and get it cleaned up, organized & functional for me. Let me preface that by saying, last year it was occupied by a man and the year before that the counselor was only there for one lots of useless papers and such and my garbage & recycling cans were overflowing in no time. I am guessing that I'm about 75% done.

There is also a plethora of outdated books & resources in my office, this would include about 30 VHS, yeah...old. I'm trying to clear a lot of this stuff out in order to have a better space for my "counseling" table/chairs. Now that I think of it, I wish I had done a "before" picture...there should be quite a difference when it's done. I was also able to take out a filing cabinet which really opened up some space. Yay!

I'm not a fan of fluorescent lighting so today I took in a cute of those 5-head-like ones with different color shades..trying to make it a fun & hip workspace. Anyway, the lamp alone is not enough lighting but I have 4 windows so I should be able to get by on most days, as long as there isn't some crazy overcast weather etc. The winter will be the test...I may need to pick up another lamp at some point.

Late Thursday I was told I am the proud owner of a bulletin board in the front of the I was planning to work on it today but then discovered I was expected to attend 4 different meetings...there went my whole day. The bulletin board needs to be of a counseling theme and I'm struggling with what to put on it. Suggestions welcome!! I went searching for letters & such yesterday at the Teacher's Store...but that was a big failed mission...found nothing. Back to square one. For you scrapbookers out there, I'm seeing a Cricut would be really handy right now. We have a die cut machine @ school, but it's always being used. I just may cruise out to the scrapbook store tomorrow to make my letters to get a jump on things.

Monday & Tuesday are pretty booked up with meetings/presentations so I'm not sure when I'll get my bulletin board done and students report on Wednesday. And Thursday I start back to school VERY LAST graduate class 5-8pm. Is it December 10 yet?


thisgirlsjourney said...

As a Stampin' Up! Demo I would recommend a Big Shot, but a Cricut would come a close 2nd... hmmm you're giving me ideas to try to sell to teachers in the future.

It all sounds very exciting though. And don't worry about E. I saw his pic on Twitter this morning looking forlorn, I'm sure he'll soon realise all the cool fun things he gets to do at daycare and the mess he'll get to make that he wouldn't be allowed to at home.

GooChick said...

My first thought for your bulletin board was inspiration quotes.

emilysuze said...

I love bulletin boards! I know you'll come up with something super cute and crafty. Make sure to post all of the finished projects so we can oohh and aahh over your handiwork.

P.S. My favorite colleague was one of the school counselors. She's one of the only ones from my teaching years that I still talk to. I bet you're going to be a hit!

Amy said...

December is going to be here before you know it.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I agree with GooChick - I love the idea of inspirational quotes too.

Would love to see a photo of your "after" office.

lindsay said...

lol about looking for christmas break already!

yeah about those ford dealerships... when i took mine in to have the deer-dents fixed they said "one week". dropped it off monday, it was to be done friday. i got it the following wednesday.... luckily i was able to go w/o having to rent a car but still, annoying!

Señorita Andalucíana said...

You know the best part of buying stuff for your job is that you get to claim it on your taxes at the end of the year! I miss that...

Have fun filling up your board. Maybe take a look at the community events for those students and build something around that. Get them inspired to participate more :D Mind you I don't know how old your students will be but I have to say it's easier with younger kids than HS kids.