Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Want Wednesday

With having a new office to decorate (and clean!) there are a few things I would like...

This adorable print from Etsy...I think it's perfect for a counseling setting...don't you?

Speaking of Etsy...I'd really like this vinyl lettering for the wall behind my desk.

And well, I've found lots of good stuff on's one more.

Actually, at the end of the day, I just wish I knew how/was able to make these prints myself...I would love to do that...I'm sure it's with Photoshop or some similar program...but I have no idea how to go about creating them. *sigh*

Id also like to add a little Mickey to the scene...too bad, they're a bit pricey for me right now.


lindsay said...

Ohh etsy. If only I had unlimited income! I can't even browse that site lol... Too many wondrous goods

emilysuze said...

Etsy sucks me in with all of the cute stuff on there.

My neighbor made a whole bunch of cute vinyl sayings for her kids' rooms using her Cricut. Maybe you could use the one at your scrapbooking store?

~**Dawn**~ said...

You're so creative though! Who says you have to make a print? Why not take some of your scrapping supplies, use those prints as inspiration & make something of your own to frame for your wall? =)