Tuesday, August 31, 2010

stopping by

I've been wanting to blog for a few days now, but have been struggling to find either (1) the time or (2) the energy.

Also, I feel that once again I only have "downer" things to report...like how crazy stressed out I am over my upcoming Comprehensive Exam...30 days to go!! 

And my disappointment in the professors for not holding the Orientation for Comps until THIS Friday, giving us less than 1 month to study for the test. Ugh. Thankfully I only have the one class this semester, but most other students have 2-3 other classes...of course they don't have a full time job or a 2 year old...so I guess it balances out in the end...I dunno.

I sure hope the orientation magically boosts my confidence in passing...I'm so terribly afraid. Everyone says to me that I'll be fine etc....but when I'm the one taking the test and I'm the one feeling less than confident, those "I'll be fine" comments don't hold much weight right now. I do hope they are right though. I SO want to be walking across that stage on Dec 10!!!

Anyway, tomorrow is my first day "in the classrooms" - the first round of Classroom Guidance lessons...I have Kindergarten and 2nd Grade, then 1st Grade on Thursday. 

I'm also crazy tired as I'm just not made for getting up at 5:30am!! Just another job incompatibility factor for me. Ugh! I'm trying SO hard to stay up 'til 11pm to study and sometimes cave at 10:30pm cuz I just can't make it. I miss those good 'ol days when I was up til 1am!!

And with that...I'm off to put E to bed and try to get in a bit of studying myself.

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walkingwithnora.com said...

I'm not a morning person either! Hang in there =) Thinking of you!