Thursday, August 26, 2010

school school school

Remember the "oversharer" from last summer? 

Yeah, turns out she's pretty funny and rather nice once you get past the oversharing stuff.

She's in my Internship class on Thursday nights and she was in one of my classes this past Spring as well. She's also the only other one in the program so close in age to me (1 year younger than me) which is really kinda nice. Funny how some things turn out...

I'm wishing my life away and that's a crappy way to live.

I want so badly to have these COMPS over with that I am struggling to focus on anything or even be an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit happy. I'm miserable when I'm not distracted from thinking about COMPS.

Studying in groups for COMPS is encouraged. There are 2 other gals in my program who will be taking them. One gal I like, the other I could totally live without. The one I could live without actually had triadic supervision w/me for Practicum (Spring), yet today she did not know my last name (I know hers) and her response to my email about studying as a group was that she was SO happy I emailed her because she didn't have my email, ok...that's pathetic... (1) It can be looked up on the university website AND (2) she could email through Blackboard. I think she's full of shit. She's just not friendly and she's kind of snooty. I will probably have to "suck it up" just to study together, even if it's only a couple occasions, but I have seriously contemplated not studying together because she's such a beyotch.

Would you just "suck it up" to get the benefits of group study or study on your own? I feel like I'd be doing myself a disservice by not doing the group study at least a couple times.

She will not turn out to be "nice" like the oversharer did. This I know.


Señorita Andalucíana said...

Give the group study thing a chance but I'd say if she starts being a real pain then RUN! I hate it when people do that. It always makes me think that they really have nothing else to do but wait for others to call them. Because they're sooooooooo important. Ugh.

Good luck on your Comps and hope everything goes super! How's work by the way?

Amy said...

I never liked group studying. Too much risk that you trust somebody who turns out to be wrong!

lindsay said...

LOL. well i'm glad the one girl turned out to be ok. sometimes those 1st impressions are not the most accurate.

umm as for the email idiot... i guess i don't know what group studying really is? are you essentially teaching/reminding things to each other? when i was in college it was - studying together but not always talking, just 2+ people all studying and helping keep you focused. it would depend on which you learn better with - studying on your own in a quiet environment or studying with others.

don't wish your life today! find little things to appreciate about each day. i know, it's tough, i sit in a gray cubicle for 10 hours a day, woo!