Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy New Year!

-wow, so I REALLY need to change my blog header!

-It's 2012 and for me, a time to BEGIN a lot of *things* some new scrapbook projects, a better money saving plan, finally learn yoga & hopefully get into a regular routine with it and those are just a few things.

~Speaking of the word BEGIN....I'm really excited about Ali Edward's One Little Word project she does every year. In the past, I've seen and heard about it, but never felt a strong pull to participate, although it peaked my interest somewhat. Finally, this year, my word CAME TO ME...yes, it popped into my head and really seems to fit me for where I am right now and so, with that, I am signed up and ready to begin this OLW 2012 project.

~Also crafting related, I remain "on the fence" with my participation in the Project Life scrapbooking project. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to do it...I keep thinking of how completely awesome it would be at the end of this year to see that album full and to look through it with Ethan then and many years later and to remember the "little things" we did. Now while I love that whole idea, where I get hung up on "pulling the trigger" is the reality of being able to document *something* everyday or at least 3-4 days EVERY week. I don't want to fork out the cash for the supplies and then fall flat on my face with follow through. On another note, I often am left feeling frustrated when I cannot get in just a few minutes to scrapbook here and there. Crops NEVER happen anymore for me as O is ALWAYS working 6 days a week now so getting away on a Saturday isn't feasible and the LSS is closed on Sunday. And so I remain...for now...on the fence...but I completely realize that I need to make a decision STAT.

~Please note that the two previous bullet points work completely against my "better money saving plan". *sigh*

~Quick Christmas recap: we went to TX for Christmas. It was fun, but also stressful. Apparently, my normally easy-going child didn't seem to do well with excessive excitement, a new house (my aunt's), little to no ROUTINE and did I mention holiday season excitement? Add some chocolate in there too. His less than stellar behavior stressed me a bit...but I guess such is life with an almost-4-year-old. I'm TOTALLY on board with the whole "3 is worse than 2" thing for kiddos...we did not have "terrible twos" at all...or if we did, it was not nearly as awful as 3 has been. 

~On a brighter note, E is a fantastic ROAD traveler...did fantastic on the 13ish hour drive to TX. He's a rockstar!! He and I flew back...two flights...stopping in Charlotte...after our not so lovely behavior IN Texas...I was crazy nervous about the flights, but thankfully he did quite well. His only "dark" moment occurred when we landed in Charlotte & he wanted OFF the plan STAT...too bad we were in row 23!! He got a bit fiesty and that didn't get better until we walked 1/2 of the airport, finally stopping in a Starbucks (for my sanity) where he found a fantastically huge fruit cup he wanted...which I happily purchased for him and while made him once again a happy camper. Thank God!! He waited peacefully for both of our flights, which surprised me and I am eternally grateful to Steve Jobs (RIP) and his lovely iPad for making air travel with E a WHOLE LOT more tolerable than it would have been without that fantastic device. :) Oh and the best part, E slept on the flight from Charlotte to Knoxville. Hooray!!

~And now the holiday break is over (sad!) and I'm on my 2nd day back at we many days 'til Summer? Or heck, at least the next long weekend? :)


Señorita Andalucíana said...

Happy New Year! Wow a 13hr drive with a 3yr old, that is gutsy! Well good luck in this new year and the next vacay weekend should be Presiden't s Day in February for you right?

*krystyn* said...

Actually, MLK is next day off...woohoo---just around the corner. Then we have a 1/2 day on Friday, Feb 3rd - Teacher Appreciation Day!! Love it!

Yvette said...

So glad you're doing your OLW too - maybe we can help keep each other on track!

em said...

Happy New Year! :) If you do PL, keep us posted! I am going to try to do a really loose version of it!