Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm not as "sad" today as I was yesterday.
2. Going to see Les Miserables on Friday and I.cannot.wait!!
3. Hitting the gym today...and while I need to, I'm still sorta dreading it.
4. Ethan was a champ during our morning routine today. Yay!
5. My Project Life kit is currently in Toledo, OH...hurry!!
6. A little goal I set for 2012 is to do small things to make my house a bit more homey/cozy.
7. Hoping to paint the laundry room this weekend...it's a 3 day weekend!
8. I'm currently obsessing over GLEE music.
9. I have not yet watched last weeks Grey's or PP episodes. Need to!
10. Another little goal: I'm tracking my scrapbooking spending this year...to hopefully keep it in check. Also pledging to use from my stash for PL and OLW projects.


Sarah said...

I totally felt for you when you said your son said he didn't want you to go to work. Our kiddo has been in a habit recently of saying 'no work' and literally crying when it's time to leave. Makes me feel terrible every time. I think eventually they outgrow it and usually get excited to see their friends/do fun activities but man, it makes me feel guilty too!

em said...

I want to see your little cozy home changes!

And I love Glee music...it makes me smile and (for the most part!) is kid appropriate!