Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Want Wednesday

I Want: this Monster cable for my iPod to play in my car. Oh and yes I do already have one, but I recently received a brand new iPod Nano courtesy of Apple and their recall on their VERY VERY old Nanos...turns out the current cable doesn't charge the new iPod, but this V2.0 does! Got in my car this a.m. to discover a DEAD iPod. Sad.

I Want: this Spanish Magnetic Poetry...for my work office...really bad. I have a big huge EMPTY wall that I want to cover with magnetic paint. The wall is very close to where kiddos sit while in my office, which would be neat for them to sorta dabble with while we are chatting. Now to work on the facilities crew and that magnetic paint.

I Want: these adorable SmartWool socks!! I stumbled upon them in December but could not justify the crazy price (for 1 pair!)...but I still want them. Sadly I will probably never have them. :(

I Want: this adorable NYC Empire State Building Fossil charm for my charm bracelet. Too cute!! I looked for it @ the Fossil store in Frisco, TX...but had ZERO luck. They were fresh out of charms period!

I (still) Want: these Detroit Tiger Sunglasses, solely for running outdoor races....which now that the price has dropped to a whopping $9...I just might get them.

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