Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Life 2012

Only two weeks in and I'm absolutely LOVING this Project Life goodness. I am even "caught up" (for now) as I completed weeks 1 & 2 last's my proof:

Intro Page
Week One - Page 1

Week One - Page 2 (gotta luv butt crack!)
Week Two - Page 1

Week Two - Page 2
I'm ready for some variation in the page protectors. When I purchased everything, only two different styles were available (Designs B & F) and I'm DYING for some Design A pages!! I may even delay my week 3 completion to see if they show up on Amazon...although I don't think it will be until February and then I'll have to compete with the other bazillion women out there waiting on them!!


em said...

Looks awesome!!! :) That plumber but photo is hysterical! Can't wait to see more! I finally got week 1 done today and will post it soon. I'm determined to do this!!

*krystyn* said...

Thanks Em!! Can't wait to see yours!!!

Yvette said...

Love it!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Very cool! I love the colors and I especially LOVE the butt crack photo!