Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is a weekly blogging event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. It allows book bloggers (and non-book bloggers) to write about pretty much anything, bookish or otherwise (i.e. share exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things they've encountered during the week, etc.). 

1) Totally not bookish - but we are on SNOW DAY #2 today and I couldn't be happier. More than just the fact that I don't have to go to work, but yesterday's snow day was heavenly as it allowed me to recuperate from the nightmarish 24 stomach flu/bug that attacked me on Tuesday night. I would have stayed home on Wednesday anyway so I'm thankful that I had a SNOW DAY and didn't have to use up my PTO time. 

2) Speaking of that dreaded stomach flu, I was victim 3/3 in my house. Oscar brought it home with him on Friday, according to him was near death on Saturday (as I enjoyed a scrapbooking retreat with my mom downtown) and then Sunday just before I got home, Ethan began tossing his cookies everywhere. I spent hours cleaning up puke and the house as a whole on Sunday...but apparently we were not quite germ free.

3) You would think I would lose MORE THAN 1 POUND after tossing my cookies all night Tuesday and consuming a total 550 calories on Wednesday...but no, down only 1 pound. *sigh*

4) I am thankful though that the bug didn't hit until Tuesday night after I was home...after work we drove across town to the running store to get new shoes since I'm having mega feet/shoe issues lately...that is totally sucking too, by the way....seriously, when did shoe shopping become so complicated. Turns out it's quite likely that the hamstring pull of October, has changed my gait, causing me to turn out my right foot and land more on the outer edge. This is in turn causing the shoe to break down on the outer edge and causing (mega) pain on the outer edge of my foot. So frustrated!  So the gal at the shoe store - who is awesome - thought I'd be better in a Saucony shoe....tried it on at the store, felt fine. Left the store, didn't feel fine. It started hurting the arch on my right foot...random. So now when this crazy weather clears up, I will have to go back with the Saucony and get the new NB 860 to at least get me thru the next race. She also gave me some awesome hip exercises that should help with correcting my gait. Who knew running was also so complicated?!?! Seriously!!

5) On the above running note, I am starting to see my goal (dream) of running 10 half marathons this year already start to dwindle. I don't want to be Negative Nellie, but with so many issues lately, it makes me doubt my body's ability to pull off 10 this year. I'm not giving up yet though.

6) I'm still reading Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald...I'm really hoping to finish it today on this SNOW the event that we have to return to work's sorta iffy right now....the weather, that is. Yesterday I felt like I read A LOT of the book, but turns out it was only 35 pages!! What?!?!  So I'm only 50% done...chances of finishing today...slim and none. Let me say however that Zelda and Scott sure lived some crazy lives...and I'm only 1/2 in...I can't imagine what else I'll learn.

7) These 2 snow days are making me even MORE upset than I already am about the brand new treadmill being broken. SEARS is not going to love me...the repair company was supposed to call within 5 days of me reporting the problem....we are on day 7 at least, no call. The part (motor) should arrive today. I called today and had to leave a message. Great sign. Not only am I tanking on my Fitbit challenges, but I'm getting in NO training since I also cannot get to the YMCA. While I desperately want it fixed, I also hope that the company screws up even more so I can justify getting refunded on the "lovely" extended care program we purchased. 

8) Well, I'm off for now...gotta get that book read...and need to get Ethan off the iPad so he can do some reading too. Oh that will be fun!!


~**Dawn**~ said...

1. A second snow day?? Are you still in recuperation mode or do you actually get to enjoy this one?

2. I think the only thing that kills off the stomach bug germs is bleach. =/ And unfortunately, lots of things can't be bleached. As a side note, I don't ever remember not making it to the bathroom as a kid (and for whatever reason, I had the stomach bug at least once a year until I hit high school). My brother? Not so much. =P At least, if you *had* to endure it, it happened now and not this time next month...right? (There are very few ways to silver-lining the stomach bug. It is my least favorite thing on earth.)

5. So, even if you think ten won't happen, you can at least challenge yourself by seeing how close to ten you can get. Maybe you'll surprise yourself?

6. It really drives me nuts when I feel like I've read half a book and it's only, like, four pages. I get all discouraged and then I end up reading even more slowly.

*krystyn* said...

Though I'm not doing much today I would say it's more enjoyable vs recuperating. Still being quite lazy though.

Ethan is usually pretty good about making it to the bathroom but O was home and well, that just changes everything and he didn't want to "push" E to get to bathroom. Oh goodness!!

Yes I'm gonna aim for as many as I can. I want to register for one on March 6 but just waiting till last minute to make the decision.

Yes on reading! Ugh!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

O is far more compassionate to the ill than I would be. Ha. If my choices are to rush you or clean up puke, sorry, kid, you're getting hurried along. =P Option B would be a large bucket, I suppose, but the least amount of cleanup I'd have to do, the better. Both for gross factor and germ containment. LOL!

*krystyn* said...

Exactly! And I'm not sure it was compassion more than inexperience/fear...hah...Ethan was totally capable of getting to the bathroom. And we had a bag lined trash can there too but neither thought to grab it! (Face palm)

LaliMama said...

Iʻm glad that double snow days mean that you get to rest up! Those stomach bugs are no joke! I feel like no matter how much you try to clean and keep everything germ free, once one person gets it EVERYONE gets it.

I hate it when so called customer service teams donʻt actually do any customer service. I mean come on! Itʻs their, literally what they get paid to do and they canʻt even seem to do that. I mean I understand that they have so many claims to deal with and theyʻre constantly getting yelled at all day, but itʻs still a job. I hope your treadmill gets fixed soon so that you can get back to your goals (and I hope you get that refund you wanted, too).