Monday, March 14, 2016

A few things...

Missed out on the Bookish post last week while shuffling Ethan to the doctor after school to find out if he had the Flu.

Diagnosis: Flu B

He stayed home again on Friday and so did I. My mom stayed with him on Thursday.

There were 4 kids out in his class on Wednesday. 6 out sick on Thurs and Fri. Four cases of Flu confirmed. Nuts!!!!

Thankfully his case was not too severe at all and he was feeling quite good by Saturday.

We are now a day into our Spring Break and all is well. We came to Richmond VA with Oscar for his current jobsite project.

I enjoyed a Shamrock 5k here on Sunday, so much so that I really pushed myself doing a lot less walking (intervals) and more running. I ended up shaving almost 2 minutes off my time and secured a new PR. Now I wish I had another 5k scheduled soon but nothing until April 2.

Not that I needed another reason to want to move to FL, but geesh there are so so so many awesome races there and so few in Knoxville, it's driving me nuts. Ugh!

I've spent way too much time today surfing on line looking for races to sign up for...

Only to discover that the good ones are all located too faraway! *sigh*

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Fairytales and Fitness said...

Congrats on the new 5k PR, that's awesome. Yea, I've learned that the warmer the location, the better the