Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Life right now...

1) I'm totally failing in Motherhood right now. There are no dyed eggs in my house. We don't even have any plans to dye eggs. No egg hunts on the schedule. I don't even know where the egg hunts are being held this year, though I do know that there will NOT be one at the church we go to (fail!). Last year I found one at the very last minute to take Ethan to...but this year, complete failure with that. Maybe it's not that bad since we were out of town all last week and while I'm certain there were probably egg hunts last weekend (when we got back), I was drowning in laundry (and working a wedding) so I didn't have time to look them up?! Yes, that works, right?

2) I gave up chewing gum for Lent. For me, this is a HUGE sacrifice. I have gum in my car, gum in my work bag, gum in my desk @ work....everywhere I go I usually have gum w/me. Sugarless. Always. Anyway, as we are in the last week of Lent, I am counting down to Easter Sunday and may even wake up at midnight (or stay up) just so I can chew some gum. Oh how I miss it. I'm not an "after-dinner" mint kind of gal so I have not substituted anything in place of the gum, but I sure love a piece of gum after eating. I told Oscar that the Easter Bunny better bring me A LOT of gum!! Juicy Fruit Sugarless preferred.

3) Work. Ugh. Work. We have early dismissal on Holy Thursday and are off on Good Friday, but after that, we go straight through, no days off, until the last day on June 10th. That is also 10ish days later that usual because of that awesome construction over the summer which caused our late start. All I have to say is that 9 weeks straight w/o a day off for kids OR teachers...is a loooooong time...I'm talking ETERNITY here...people are going to be losing their minds. That.Is.All.

4) Downton Abbey is over. The Mysteries of Laura is over (for the season)....what's a girl to do? Oh yay...The Mindy Project will be starting back up in April...now I have to hope it goes the way I hope it does...AKA Mindy & Danny stay together. 

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