Monday, March 03, 2008


~I have a 1-track mind...I am consumed with thoughts all day about how badly I want the hospital to call me....geez! Just give me an interview!! All day my thoughts revolve around getting a job @ the hospital and Ethan....of course, getting the job @ the hospital is really about I guess you could say 100% of my daily thoughts are about Ethan...and I bet that is NORMAL!

~O wasn't able to meet with the guy about the new job on Friday. They are meeting today. Another dance request that the work is what he'll want to do (supervisory vs. physical labor) and that the $$ is good.

~I'm going back to work on 3/19 (if nothing better comes along). I just found out they will be closed on Good Friday. Wow. I haven't worked anywhere in a long time that closes on Good's always been an optional holiday. It'll be nice to be off that day after 2 days away from my little munchkin!

~A friend was supposed to come over w/lunch today. She has now canceled for the 3rd time...yeah. I don't know why I bother even rescheduling with her. I have personally witnessed on numerous occasions that virtually everything she says she is going to do, doesn't happen. Apparently she has issues with following through.

~Off to watch TV & feed Ethan (concurrently).


~**Dawn**~ said...

Totally normal. I love hearing you talk about Ethan. It makes me smile. It never fails to amaze how much people fall in love with their babies. It's one of the most beautiful parts of life, in my opinion.

Mary said...

ditto what Dawn cool! I'm sure something will work out and yay for only having to work 2 days then spending 3 with the little man!

Nichole M said...

::new job booty shake::

I have a couple of flaky friends. It usually just cracks me up. Especially when they *know* they're flaky. ;-)

krystyn said...

Nichole-LOL..I don't even think this gal knows she is 'flaky'...makes it even funnier, but frustrating too!

Stacy said...

you are so having normal 'mom thoughts'! And I am seriously do the 'dance for both you & O. Heck...I'll even get my kids in on the action AND say a few prayers! Keep you chin up sweetie :)
BTW~ Ethan is toooooo stinkin cute!