Thursday, March 13, 2008

~go figure~

~Got a call today from my contracting company.

~They offered me a full time permanent job with the company I am currently working Lynchburg, VA!!!

~I'm *SO* not in the position to relocate, nor would I be motivated to move there.

~My mom would be crushed if I took her only grandson away...not to mention I'd have absolutely NO one to watch Ethan for appts etc.

~The money was good, location bad...oh well.

~I told my contracting company to find out what is going on w/the job I currently have i.e. are they going to hire permanent, when does the contract end etc....they've left the contract open, but told me it was 6 months...I do not want to continue on contract more than 6 months. We'll see what he comes back with.

~Ultimately, I still just want the 7pm-7am hospital job.


Stacy said...

Oh Sweetie~ I keep praying that this gets sorted out for you & FAST! On a lighter note, how is Mr. Ethan today? I have been lovin' his uber cute photos!

Mary said...

ok that sucks - i hope they could make it work for you to do that role in Knoxville!! or, even better, that the hospital calls you back! excited about coming to see you and meeting Ethan!!

krystyn said...

Stacy-thanks SO much...I need all the prayers I can get. I have a feeling the hospital isn't calling because I don't have a medical background but heck, it's an administrative position...argh!!
Ethan is doing well today - we even got in a nap together..YAY!!

Mary-yes, it does suck and yes, I too hope the hospital calls. Honesly, I'd rather have the low paying, night-time hospital job vs. the higher paying, daytime (need daycare) recruiting job.
Looking forward to seeing you in April! :-)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Sheesh. You mean to tell me they can't train you to do whatever administrative positions they have?? Were none of them ever trained? And I can't imagine you have phones ringing off the hook in a third shift admin position. Come *on* hospital! Stop being a poopy head!

(And Virginia? It couldn't have been *Florida*??)

krystyn said...

Dawn - that's what I say...I mean WTH? They can see that I've held jobs before, I'm not a 'job-jumper' and if they'd interview me maybe they'd even see that I might me a worthwhile investment in the hospital. Turds!!

I've even decided to take the certification test on my own hoping that it makes me more marketable to them.