Saturday, March 08, 2008

~yep, time flies~

~Ethan turned 4 wks old yesterday - or 1 month old today - either way you want to look at here are a few pictures. As you can see, Ethan is not too excited about his 1 month birthday. LOL!!

~We didn't have any cupcakes, so here's a donut with 1 candle in it and we sang 'happy 1 month birthday' to him too...(yeah, so we're dorks).

~So, when it's your turn for babies and people tell you to cherish every moment w/your little one(s) because the time will fly by...BELIEVE THEM!! IT'S TRUE! Even though my delivery wasn't the smoothest, I would opt to go back in time one month to do it all again.

~Here is another pic..I'm not looking so good but since I rarely have time for a shower, let alone a chance to do my hair...I'm missing out on pics w/Ethan so I took it upon myself the other day to take some of us....don't laugh too hard!


Freebird said...

Those picture are adorable and you look great.

Time really does fly. You're gonna turn around one day and he'll be a teenager. No kidding.

Anonymous said...

You look clean to me! And your hair looks lovely! I wish I'll look so good after having a baby.

Mary said...

what a cutie pie! and you look great too!

krystyn said...

All-Thanks!!! :-)

~**Dawn**~ said...

It's probably useless to tell you not to be so hard on yourself (since I know I always when it comes to me) but you look great, Krystyn.