Sunday, March 30, 2008

~a list~

Swiped this from another have to answer in 1 word, but some may just be 1 phrase. :)

You're feeling: sad/stressed
To your left: 25 blank CDs (for saving my pictures)
On your mind: job change/daycare/Ethan
Last meal included: huevos rancheros-made by my mother in law... YUM!!
You sometimes find it hard to: say goodbye
The weather: grey & rainy
Something you have a collection of: Pluto figures
A smell that cheers you up: freshly cut grass
A smell that can ruin your mood: burnt popcorn
How long since you last shaved: a couple days
The current state of your hair: styled
The largest item on your desk/workspace (not computer): box
Your skill with chopsticks: non-existent
Which section you head for first in a bookstore: magazines ...and after that?: new releases
Something you're craving: a vacation
Your general thoughts on the presidential race: "is it over yet?"
How many times have you been hospitalized this year: once
Favorite place to go for a quiet moment: my bed
You've always secretly thought you'd be a good: veterinarian
Something that freaks you out a little: taking my child to daycare (freaks me out ALOT)
Something you've eaten too much of lately: homemade refried beans
You have never: been to the Caribbean
You never want to: go to work (these days)

Play along if you like!


Chele76 said...

((hugs for today))

krystyn said...

Chele - thank you!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I've been meaning to this like forever now. Maybe today...

Hang in there, girlie. I am thinking of you.

krystyn said...

Dawn - thank you!!

RockStar said...

i'm using this for my blogg. i'm new to blogger and i would love it if you could check mine out and if you can give me a few pointers i luv ur blogg!

remember moments said...

RockStar -I looked @ your blog but there is no where to make comments or communicate with you..hopefully you get this message....