Wednesday, April 02, 2008

~job stuff & daycare woes~

I interviewed yesterday for the job to work @ home. I think it went really well and I should know something by early next week. The best part...she said she can't find any other candidates w/the skillset she is looking for...that works to my advantage hopefully.

The hospital had a job fair yesterday. I found out on the way to work in the morning, heard it on the radio. O came home early so I could race up there before it was over. It was REALLY good. I'm not sure if they didn't have many people or if it was because I came near the end, but I don't think there were more than 2-3 other candidates there (if that). I spoke with 4 people about the HUC job that I want. One of the folks I spoke with has a need for a night shift HUC in the ER so I ended up talking to him for quite a while and also got a tour of the ER. Pretty cool. We'll see what happens there but it will likely be a slow process.

We are on day 3 of daycare and it's NOT going's why: when my MIL was here, E was consuming 16 oz during the workday so I took four 4oz bottles to daycare on Monday. He only consumed about 10-12 oz and they dumped the rest of the breastmilk (AKA 'liquid gold') out..gulp!! In addition, they document the diaper changes on a paper that is given to me @ the end of the day, however they only had diaper changes documented through 10:45am and I picked him up at 3:30pm on Monday - so what happened there? Turns out they FORGOT to document the rest...O was NOT happy about that - nor was I, however I knew they had changed him, but I still think they need to make a point to accurately document EVERYTHING.

Note: This is a NEW daycare. They should be STELLAR with all that they do as they are going to be evaluated AND graded by the state (star system). Also, reputation is a HUGE thing.

Day 2 of daycare was equally bad although they did apologize for the poor documentation on Monday. I took four 3oz bottles for him. (They chalked up his lack of eating on Monday to it being his first day). I figure if they aren't going to take the time w/him that my MIL did for him to eat 4oz, then I'll keep the milk @ home where we can use it when I'm away from Ethan. Anyway....they documented that he consumed 11oz however I came home with one full bottle....let's do the most he could have only consumed 9 oz!!!! WTF? Now I'm getting irritated.

So now you see why I was/am so bent-outta-shape about daycare. No matter how 'good' they look when you really don't know until your child is there and then you are STUCK. I would not be as upset about all this had I been taking him there for months and they neglected to document something etc. as I would have established a relationship with the gals there and would know that it was simply an oversight...but on the FIRST AND SECOND DAY....I don't like it!!! I feel like when you have a NEW 'client' (baby & mom) that at least they should have made EVERY effort to make sure everything was PERFECT so as to put 'nervous moms' at ease...(the owner KNEW I was upset when I dropped him off).

Too bad for them today - O is dropping E off and so they will have to 'deal' with him. Honestly, he handles it professionally, but he is definitely more aggressive than I am...but @ this point I think that's what they need to hear. O has a training class across the street so he'll also pay them a lunch time visit. :-)


~**Dawn**~ said...

I cannot possibly tell you how much this pisses me off. I have *zero* tolerance for negligence even of this nature. Forget the fact that you are a first time mom & a new client. Forget about first impressions. This is inexcusable for any reason at all. Period. I did it for five years & I *never* missed writing a single thing down. If I changed a diaper, I followed it with washing my hands & charting it. If a baby ate, as soon as they were put down to play, nap, swing, whatever -- I charted it. And if for some reason I couldn't do it right that second, I asked one of my co-workers to do it for me.

Also, incorrect charting? B.S. You need to pay attention to details when you work with infants. Which means you better know how much you fed them & when. No excuses. And the law requires that a "used" bottle be tossed after 2 hours (at least it did in CT) but unused bottles stayed in the refrigerator & were returned to the parent at the end of the day.

Do not worry about coming off as too aggressive. This is your child & your money spent & you have a right to feel as confident as you can in your child's care when you drop him off. I would be on the phone with that director right now, politely but firmly telling them this is not acceptable & that for your peace of mind, it needs to be remedied immediately. And you can tell her your friend who did that *exact* job for five years said so. >=[

Mary said...

gah, that sucks! I am with Dawn - you can't be too aggressive getting this resolved. HUGS, I know this is tough - hopefully its only temporary!!

Stacy said...

Ditto what Dawn said.....I used to work in the same field, for years in a classroom & then in management. That is completely unacceptable & you need to speak up.

Anyway, I am sorry you first week with E. in daycare isn't going well. Here's to good vibes about the 'other' jobs.

BTW~ I see on your counter that O. is going to bootcamp....fill me in. What's the whole story with that? (I know, I am clueless sometimes) :) Although it's not something I talk about much on my blog (because we are in a different phase of our lives now) my dh was in the USAF for 22 years & retired in 2004. It was soooooo weird from military to civilian life.... Anyway, I was just curious!

Have a good week :)