Friday, April 11, 2008


So thankful that it is finally Friday! What a miserable week.

I spoke w/the lady @ the hospital today. I have a peer interview on Monday morning @ 10am.

The gal I work with on-site is really cool and totally supportive of me pursuing other job options right now since the mean & nasty boss has left me hanging. I should know sometime next week whether my job has been given to someone else or not. Honestly, I'd rather have the hospital job because it would allow much more time with Ethan and no daycare. I'm tired of my commute right now as I am spending 1 hour on the road each way everyday. I am also very bitter w/current company. The hospital is maybe 6-8 miles from my home and the work schedule is 3-4 days/week on 12 hour shifts. That would be excellent.

Saturday my dad is coming to visit for a while. Maybe we'll go up to the mall...not sure.

Sunday I have to go to the Baptism education class @ church @ 2pm.

That's about it for my weekend. :-)


Mary said...

enjoy your weekend! I am glad to hear there is *one* nice person at your current company. sending positive vibes for Monday!!

em said...

Happy Friday (though now it's Saturday...)!

Hope next week is better!

Chele76 said...

hope your weekend was good :)