Friday, April 25, 2008

~fun with onesies~

I stumbled upon this blog..not sure how I got there, but am SO happy that I did. As you can see, she gives instructions on how she created the CUTEST onesies for her little guy. Here is her 6 month design.

Since I've been making a point to take pics of Ethan when he was 1 month/4 wks and also 2 months/8 wks, I decided that I HAVE to make these onesies as well.

Here is the finished product for '3 Months' - I'm so excited to put it on him...still a few days to go (he's 11 wks today).
I'd love to add something to the back, but cannot seem to muster up enough creativity to come up with a catchy phrase or something...suggestions/ideas welcome.

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em said...

so cute! can't believe he's in the double digits already!