Friday, April 18, 2008

~crappy stuff~

~I woke up in a crap mood today, hence the 'crap' post.

~Receiving SBUX stock options that are $5.00 more expensive than the current price...oh gee, thanks!!

~The Tigers are 5-11, that's 5 WINS and 11 LOSSES - they are dead last place. Sure it's still early but for a team that is supossed to be LOADED with a strong offense and excellent pitching, well, they aren't demonstrating that now are they? They have started this season off like they ended the last one. They should have gone to the playoffs last year but instead decided to lose most of their last 10 games which ultimately put them out of contention for playoffs. Ugh!

~I almost got rear-ended this morning - BIG TIME - by a huge, and I mean huge, Dodge Ram pickup truck driven by a 'good 'ol TN boy' - oh and did I mention he was either on the phone or texting. Butthead! (thankfully I had already dropped Ethan off). I had my seatbelt on but if he had hit me, I'm sure I would have been airborne.

~We've been without phones @ work for 3 days, it was great the first day but 3 days is too much. I needed to make a job offer today but it will have to wait 'til Monday. I'm not using my personal cell phone...too expensive to go over on minutes.

~How come everytime I open up a fruit cup the juice HAS to spill all over the freakin' place? Can't they put just a little less juice in so it's not overflowing?!?!?! Or a different type of lid?

~Benefits @ the hospital don't start for 90 days. Crap!! Can I ever get a break sometime, somewhere, please?????????????

~I really want to buy myself a 22" monitor for my computer -pure indulgence-but the more practical side of me keeps coming out. (I'm blaming work for this 'want' because we have HUGE monitors there).

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