Tuesday, April 29, 2008

~no creative title~

Every morning I drop Ethan off at Linda's house - she is a fantastic lady who takes GREAT care of him, I'm so glad I found her. Linda lives in a very wooded area with lots of trees and birds. Last week, 2 days in a row as I left Linda's home, I spotted a beautiful cardinal off to the side of the road in EXACTLY the same spot. He flew away as my vehicle approached at about the same point each day - almost as if he wanted to make sure I saw him. Things like this make me think...they make me think that maybe that bird is the spirit of a lost loved one...like maybe my grandfather, wanting to get a peek @ his great grandson. Call me strange, but it DOES make me think. By the way, I saw him again today. He was on the other side of the street but he stuck around long enough for me to see him. *thinking*

For our anniversary, O and I went to dinner last night -nothing fancy - we went to Texas Roadhouse. He got steak (no surprise) and I got the Portabello Smothered Chicken, baked potato and salad, all of which was delicious. No sooner was I home 10 minutes and did not feel well...all night...I woke up with a stomach ache, but it was a different kind of ache -I just felt awful. I still felt crummy this morning, but it seems to have finally subsided. Thank goodness.

If you know me at all, you know that I've had an abundance of job-related drama lately...and so it continues...sort of. I still have the offer @ the hospital and plan to start work there on 5/19. After the torture they put me through in the pre-employment testing last Friday, heck I already deserve an increase in pay. They wanted 3 vials of blood (WTH?!) and after 1.5 vials, my body decided it would give no more - oh lucky me! After moving the needle around in circles while still IN MY ARM, she gave up and said she'd have to stick me again - oh lucky me AGAIN! This time it was in the top of my hand - never ever ever ever again will anyone stick me there. My hand was unbelievably sore after that and very purple- oh yeah, and she moved the needle around and around in there too cuz my body STILL didn't want to give her any blood. She ended up with maybe 2 vials after all was said and done. Between this and my 3 hour stint @ the OB on Thursday which I will not go into - I'm DONE DONE DONE with doctors for at least a year - maybe longer!! Ack!

OK - back to the job stuff...so the lady who is taking my job here came into the office last Thursday to meet a few people. It was an interesting encounter. Based on her comments, it has been concluded that (1) she has no written offer in hand (2) she has no set start date (although we were told she would start on 6/2) and (3) we suspect that she may even back out altogether...which would REALLY make things fun..especially since there will already be a 2 week span where they have NO ONE here to do the job - LOL! Then there's always the possibility that she just can't hack the job and quits or is asked to leave shortly after joining...and maybe they call me.... I truly cannot wait to see how this all enravels.

I received a great phone call today - I won a free photo session for Ethan by a local photographer who is also a phenomenal scrapbooker. The photo shoot will be on 5/18 at my house. I'm so very excited. You can visit her studio website here.

Now I'm off - to take care of baby duties...

Oh and if anyone has any knowledge of those 529 college savings accounts...you know, such as tax benefits etc...I'm planning to open one up for Ethan in the next few days.


Grace said...

Your episode with the bird is similar to one I have also. There has been a a red bird(not sure if it's a cardinal) at the same spot when I walk into my building at work and I also think it's someone (my mom) there to visit me. I am sure a lot of people have seen that bird as well and have had different thoughts on it, but I think the same as you do.

Call me when you get time to chat.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Things like that always make me think too. =)

Nichole M said...

I love love love Texas Roadhouse! It's a good thing there aren't any around me, otherwise I'd be way to heavy from all the bread, cinnamon butter, and peantus, let alone the delicious food!

We went to the one in MA when we lived there. When the employees got around to the line dancing part, they looked *so* unenthused to do it. Almost like "We're in the Northeast, we don't *do* line dancing." Hilarious.