Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Reason 19987348273482934709 why Corporate America SUCKS!!!!

~7:30pm~just got a call from the contracting agency for the work-at-home job and the company I was going to work for just put their positions on hold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go! So unbelievably unprofessional and ridiculous. How do things change THAT MUCH in 4 days?!?! Sounds like they need some new management!!!

~I have to go to work tomorrow and 'ask' for my job back - not to mention feel totally embarassed and humiliated about it. Thankfully they haven't found anyone yet and so I should be 'ok' but it's still unbelievably embarassing.

~I also have to hope that my new daycare lady is willing to care for E on a long term basis now.

~To make matters worse, I had also called the hospital to decline the job shadow appointment I had/have for Wed night from 7pm-10pm...now I just called back to 'ask' if I can still go...hopefully she calls me and says that I can still go.


I think I am in shock.


Mary said...

My jaw dropped when I read the news. What a horrible thing to happen; I am so sorry. It sucks!

Anonymous said...

That sucks. I'm totally confused though about how this all works. Is it like Company A hires you, then farms you out to Company B, but if Company B doesn't need help, the Company A has no work for you?

krystyn said...

Amy-basically companies use agencies to find and payroll their people as it saves on (1)cost of hiring and (2)company doesn't have to pay benefits. Some contracting agencies will offer benefits after a certain amount of hours worked w/them or they simply do the payroll svcs.

A lot of companies also use these services as a 'try before you buy' type deal - like 'temp to perm' KWIM?