Monday, April 14, 2008

~quick turnaround~

~I interviewed @ the hospital today @ 10am.
~The hiring manager called me less than 90 minutes later
~They will be extending an offer to me.
~She gave me all the details but the 'official' offer comes from the employment office.
~It's likely that my current job has been given to someone else...I will find out in a couple days and so I am thankful that the hospital job has worked out.

There are many perks to the hospital job:
1) Only work 3-4 nights/wk (12 hour shifts)
2) Benefits!!!
3) Home during the day with Ethan
4) Work apparel=scrubs and tennis shoes (or Crocs) WOOHOO!!!!!!

So even though I don't know whether my current job is 'gone' - I'm so bitter about how they have treated me that I really don't want to stay there...not to mention the instability they have demonstrated with the position possibly going away or being made permanent for someone else...apparently it doesn't matter that I've been doing the job for the past 5 months.

If the lady does take my job, she can't start til mid-May or so as she is going on a European vacation or something...since I'll likely be going to the hospital, I won't be around to train her...LOL! *insert evil laugh here*


Stacy said...

That is awesome! See.....everything happens for a reason. If the other job hadn't fallen through, this might hae all worked out so well! I am THRILLED for you :)

Chele76 said...

I am so glad that things have worked out! And it's their own loss for screwing you over... I am sure that on your last day you will be *so* happy to turn your back and walk out of there. I'm so happy for you :)

Anonymous said...


~**Dawn**~ said...

Totally serves them right. They made it clear they did not care about you, why should you care about making their transition any easier?

Grace said...

Awesome...congrats. I agree, things happen for a reason. What will you be doing at the hospital. I would love a hospital job as well. Yay for you. Grace

Mary said...


Freebird said...

OH YAAAAY!! Congrats Krystyn!! I know you're very happy about that. And I'm "evil laughing" with ya!!