Friday, April 18, 2008


~I ate well yesterday.
~I walked a little over a mile, (stopping early because I got shin-splints).
~The scale has not moved.
~I hate how I look.
~I hate how I feel.
~I am disgusted & frustrated.


Chele76 said...

keep it up. Don't let a few days get your discouraged. Sometimes it takes time for the scale to start moving... Mine comes down in spruts... and those spurts are spread wide appart. Just keep your goal in mind and stay focused... as long as you keep pushing it will come off. You CAN do it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, your body is probably going into lock down mode because you're picking up the exercise after so long.

krystyn said...

Thanks Chele..I'm trying not to get discouraged but it's difficult.

Amy-I hope you're right.