Saturday, April 05, 2008

~lazy weekend~

~Well, it will be a lazy weekend now. Mary isn't coming to visit due to the poopy rain - driving 6 hrs in it and then through the mountains too...well, not fun and I don't blame her. We are hoping she can make it out in May.

~The only 'activity' I have planned today is a trip to the ATM to deposit a check (my last SBUX short term disability check). I was supposed to be back @ SBUX yesterday as my Short Term Disibility officially ended, but obviously I'm not going back. I will then make a stop at the gas station for fuel and then back home. What an exciting day huh?

~There are talks about who will replace me @ work. I don't think they are going to bring back the gal who covered for me. She took another temp job within the company for a big-wig and they don't want to ask for her, even though she would jump @ the chance for the job because the pay is double what she is making now...bummer. Anyway, I mentioned that I would be willing to come in during the evenings after I start my new job in the event they still need help. My 'boss' (in-direct) seemed to like that idea and I'm hoping it pans out as it would be a little extra moolah and that's a good thing. And it would just be temporary.

~Yay for fun mail days...I just got this and can't wait to work on it.

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