Sunday, April 27, 2008

~Sunday randomness~

~We had been planning all week to go to the outlet mall, you know, to get that Coach purse I just couldn't bring myself to buy last weekend when I was there w/my mom. I thought long and hard all week about it and decided that I deserved it - considering I haven't bought much of anything for myself in the last I-dont-know-how-many months.

~I tried to post a picture of the purse but the computer was not cooperating.

~It was raining big time all the way there and still when we got there so it really wasn't much fun. We drove to whatever store we wanted to go in and then ran in and out, instead of busting out the stroller and casually walking the entire complex. Bummer!

~We grabbed a quick lunch and headed back home.

~I also sold the back window to the Jeep I had - hooray!

~I think I'll head to bed soon...bored and tired.

~Oh yeah, tomorrow is our 1 yr anniversary...if you ask me, it's a miracle I survived the past year.


Mary said...

yay on the new purse! have a great week!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! They say the first year is the hardest, and you guys had a lot going on.

Chele76 said...

I am a Coach addict, I am longing to meet your new freind :)

krystyn said...

The pic of the new purse is now posted. :-)

Nichole M said...

Happy Anniversary! You've crammed more into one year than we have into 9.5!