Sunday, April 20, 2008


~Mom, Ethan and I headed to the outlet mall today. The trip was postponed 1 day due to icky rain on Saturday. We had a good time and my question is how did all the retailers know that I would be obsessed with baby giraffe stuff for Ethan and therefore created entire lines of baby boy clothing with these giraffes? Both Gymboree and Carter's have the CUTEST giraffe stuff.

~We ate at Connor's where I ordered a grilled chicken salad w/balsamic vinigrette - YUM!

~Due to upcoming change in employment and ensuing lower pay...I decided to investigate my options for phone, internet & tv service. We are currently set up on a bundle pkg with a local company but I decided to investigate AT&T's rates when my mom mentioned she priced them out recently and they were lower than her current provider. I just placed the order and it looks like the bill will be $40 less per month!!! That's awesome. And we are changing from cable to DISH Network.

~Last week I spent pricing out new homeowner's insurance and found a slightly better deal...not a huge savings, but something is better than nothing. I don't think there is anything else I can cut back on. I hope to have my car paid off before I make the job change too so that will be nice.

~It's likely we will travel back to the outlet next weekend...all to purchase a purse. I should have just got it today but 'practical me' came out and prevailed. Now I'm all wishing I had just got the darn purse. Now I am not a 'purse obsessed' gal at all - I usually buy a purse, use it to it's full potential and impending death and then get a new one. I am NOT one of those who changes purses with the seasons etc. I also have never been a name-brand purse gal...a Fossil purse is perfect for me and they are often quite functional. Well, lately, I've been on this Coach purse kick -just gotta have one- not for the brand name either - more because they have the lifetime guarantee policy and I saw one of the perfect size/shape for my needs. I cannot stop thinking about it and will go back and get it next weekend. It'll be one last treat to myself while still earning a decent wage. :-)

~Lastly, I will be taking Friday off this week. I have the pre-employment testing for the hospital at 8:30am and Ethan has a doctor appointment @ 1pm - he is getting vaccinations that day - I am NOT looking forward to that at all...poor baby!

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Mary said...

I think we need a picture of this purse!!! :)