Tuesday, April 08, 2008

~the weekend~

Yeah, so it's only Tuesday but I'm already thinking about the weekend...I want to do something fun, but I'll likely end up staying @ home w/the little guy.

We were going to go to my (step)sister's house in VA but we have since decided against going, for a few reasons: (1) gas prices, (2) the 4 hr drive after work on Friday night, add at least an hour for stopping to feed/take care of E and (3) we'd have to leave early Sunday morning to get back in time for me to go to the Baptism class @ church. It's only offered once/month so I have to go to this one. Maybe we'll go to VA for Memorial Day weekend instead.

O will likely work on Saturday now and my mom will be out of town...what's a girl and little dude to do?? The mall is not so exciting anymore - especially since I still don't have any moolah..I will finally get a check on 4/15 since returning to work.

Today the snotty guy @ the agency that I contract with called me and said he heard thru the grapevine that I am leaving...duh! He then rudely said "were you going to let us know?" ...you know what...they don't deserve any courtesy at all after pulling the 1099 stunt on me..heck, I informed those who NEED to know AKA those I work with - that's good enough. If the company wants to replace me with another contractor thru that same agency, they will contact the agency themselves...that's the way I look at it. The agency hasn't done me any favors, why should I do them any?!?!

Ethan has officially grown out of Newborn clothes already - OMG - please stay small - I don't want him to grow (so fast). We are into the 3 month sizes now and he's 2 months old today!!

Also on the baby front...my childcare situation improved GREATLY since last week. Ethan is now staying with a lady whose husband works w/me. He mentioned her to me last week and when the new job came thru, I thought I'd take him there instead of the dreaded daycare. It's just her and him all day and he is getting SO MUCH attention -it's awesome!! Oh and what do you know...he ate 15 oz today...not 9oz like when he was at the daycare!!

I was going to give the daycare the courtesy of a 2 wk notice, but since they didn't require it and my peace of mind was at stake, I simply called them early Monday morning and told them E would not be back. I then sent O to pick up our stuff there ---I wasn't going up there. LOL!! They probably have a waiting list and another infant there already so I don't feel terribly bad. Maybe they'll get their 'stuff' together and learn to fill out paperwork correctly...duh!!

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