Saturday, March 29, 2008


Just a few updates for those of you who may be interested in my rather routine & mundane life...

~I'm really missing reading everyone's blogs...hopefully I'll fine some time to catch up with them's a major bummer that they are blocked from work (darn!).

~Rec'd a call about a job on Wednesday. They need a Bilingual Recruiter for a company in Mexico...the best part...I can work from home...waiting to hear back. OMG!

~My mother-in-law leaves on Sunday morning. Sad!! I'm so glad I have a great MIL - no issues. The only positive in her departure is that I can get back to dieting...homemade Mexican food=not good for the diet. She also got up every morning and made me a hot breakfast which is more than I usually eat -but oh so yummy!!

~I know that being a new mom means getting little sleep, but I almost fell asleep driving home from work the other day...not good!

~I'm hoping to get some sleep on Sunday but if E doesn't sleep, neither do I and he hasn't been sleeping for long periods @ a time. The other day the longest nap he took was for only 50 minutes!!!

~I'm dreading Monday 3/31 -it's the first day I'll drop E @ daycare...I know I've mentioned this before but it makes me sick to my stomach. The good thing is that I have a Dr. appt so I'll get out of work early and able to pick him up early as well.

~The prenancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand has not gone away and so I will see my PCP on Monday and see what my options are. My OB had the same thing happen to her and ended up with surgery!!!

~I've decided to make all of E's doctor appointments on Friday afternoons and so I'll take 1/2 day off, pick him up and go to the doctor and then spend the rest of the day with him. Since he'll be getting shots nearly everytime we go, it'll be nice to be @ home with him.


Mary said...

hey, nothings wrong with a mundane life. ;)

that job sounds like a strong possibility! good luck!

Glad you had a nice visit w/your MIL!

hope you can get some rest today, and good luck tomorrow morning!

yikes on the carpal tunnel!

PS: Yeah, Eric bought an Infinit F35 around Thanksgiving. It's a nice car, but with gas prices the way they are we've been thinking about trading one of the SUVs in for a more economical vehicle. We'll see!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oooo... I will hope something looks up for you on the job front. ::fingers still crossed:: Preferably one that gives you blog access. ;-) (That's not being too greedy, is it? LOL)

em said...

working from home would rock!!!

and your life isn't mundane. :)