Tuesday, October 21, 2008

~the good, bad & the ugly~

Good: I made $242 in my garage sale on Saturday.
Bad: I sent $140 of it to the new computer bill.
Ugly: The remaining $98 has already been spent.

Good: We've gone for a walk both Monday & today with Michele, our neighbor (& news anchor). 2.5 miles each day.
Bad: My lawyer is a turd. (putting it lightly)
Ugly: That *&^%$# recruiter still hasn't called me back, I don't think I'll be hearing from him.

Good: The new carseat seems to sit better in my vehicle...so far.
Bad: I'm really tired of being poor.
Ugly: I'm often in a bad mood because I'm poor.

Good: Mom's husband is out of town this week so we are spending lots of time together.
Bad: We will be moving my office furniture this weekend, to eliminate cords/wires laying across the room as a certain someone thinks they are part of his toy collection.
Ugly: The desk furniture weighs about 45,290,823,409,709,234 pounds!!

Good: I've been contemplating returning to grad school to finish my Masters.
Bad: I cannot seem to make a decision.
Ugly: I don't want more school loans!

Good: For the billionth time, I completed one of those Target surveys. I then began to daydream about how wonderful it would be if I won.
Bad: I will probably not win the $5000 Target gift card.
Ugly: I never win a damn thing, so why now?


Anonymous said...

You probably don't want me to tell you that I won a $50 gift card to a Chinese restaurant this morning on the radio. I'm so mean. I actually hate the restaurant, but with David unemployed, it's a free dinner. And I say go back to school and loans be damned. You'll get them paid off, because then you'll get out of that "you're too qualified for this job, but not qualified enough for the ones you really want."

krystyn said...

Enjoy your dinner! Boo!!