Monday, October 20, 2008

~lawyers suck~

~Emailed my lawyer last night requesting an update. Four wks ago he said my case would be completed and sent to me to review. I haven't seen a thing yet.

~He has not written back.

~What a &^%$#@&* turd!

~Lawyers suck!! (not you, Amy)


Anonymous said...

They do suck. Obviously, sometimes emergencies come up, and you have to drop everything to do it. But you at least deserve to know that. I am so good at getting back to people right away, that once I didn't respond to an e-mail until the next day (b/c I had no update), and the client actually called the front desk to ask if I was okay, because "she always gets back to me right away."

And, he's doing this for you on a contingency, so if he has paying clients, he will always bump them to the top. He needs to make sure he doesn't let the statute of limitations expire, b/c then you could sue him for malpractice, but the paying client will come out on top every single time..

krystyn said...

Amy-where can I find out the statute of limitations on that? I looked on-line but can't find anything....

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's in the online statutes, but it's not always called statute of limitations. You have at least a year, so no need to worry yet.