Sunday, October 26, 2008

~It's 8:53pm and for some crazy reason Ethan is not tired. I just read him a book and tried to put him to bed, I nursed him for about 15 minutes and then he just rolls over and pops up like "ok, I'm all fueled up and ready to go, what's next?" He usually goes to bed closer to 8pm so I thought FOR SURE he could conk right out...guess not.

~My mom and her hubs came over today and we got my office furniture all moved around. I'm back up and running w/most of my stuff in place. Yay! It seems so much roomier too...strange really, since we really just 'swapped' walls where the the desk and couch each were.

~I put a post on our subdivision Yahoo board to let people know I can be available for babysitting in my home...not really my first choice in 'part time work' but it can be fun. I had one lady respond and went to meet with her today. It wouldn't be any regular babysitting, just hit and miss stuff. Heck, the going rate these days is around $10.00 per hour!!!! I was shocked!! That's better than working retail...LOL.

~Speaking of retail...I'm striking out all over the place on jobs...found out that Bath & Body only pays $7.25/hour - that's REALLY REALLY low, so I'm not going to bother with them. B&N claims they aren't hiring and I still need to talk to the guy @ Borders-I guess they'll be hiring for the holidays only. I'm thinking that I won't have much luck since my availability isn't too great...but I am willing to work all day Sunday and living here in the Bible belt, maybe that'll help if they have a lot of people not wanting to work that day.

~On the brighter side, Talbots will be having another sale in November, so they'll need more temp help. I already signed up for the Sundays and my mom said she can watch E on Mondays, so maybe I'll get some Monday shifts too, which will help. I haven't seen what shifts are available yet, so I hope there are some that'll work for me. It's excruciatingly boring work, but it's money and I'm a pathetic desperate soul @ this point. and broke too!!

~This is a pity-party paragraph...skip it if you like...I'm dreading the holidays because I don't feel like they will be that enjoyable since I cannot buy many gifts for my family. I'm also bummed because my Aunt will be here for Thanksgiving and wants to go shopping on Black Friday (is that what it's called?). I haven't been able to go shopping on Black Friday for years and it's something that I TOTALLY enjoy-I love all the chaos etc. So now I have the TIME to go, but no freaking money and that sucks. Going along just to go 'window-shopping' is NOT my idea of fun.

~A high school friend of mine told me she was fired from a job years ago when the company found out that she was PG with her first child. She sued and got $100k!!!!! I have no idea how much I can get, but I've started to (dangerously) daydream...I really shouldn't, but I can't help it.

~I wanted to take Ethan to the "Boo @ the Zoo" here this I looked it up online tonight, only to discover that tonight was the last night. year!

~And I desperately need a new banner...but I can't think of what I could take a picture of to create said banner. Any ideas?

~OK - I'm going to try to put Ethan down AGAIN! Wish me luck!!

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