Thursday, June 18, 2009

5 questions

Fidgeting Gidget, Extranjera and many others have been playing a little game and I wanted to play along. This game works as follows: I went to her blog and read her five questions, and then after commenting and telling her that I'd like to play along, she kindly sent me some questions to answer. Here are the questions that she sent to me, and my answers.

What is your favorite Disney Park and why?
Oh, this is a difficult one because there is SO much to enjoy at each of the parks. First, I can only speak about Walt Disney WORLD as I am not as familiar with Disneyland. I think I will have to go with the Magic Kingdom, well, because it is THE Kingdom!! Cinderella's castle, parades & so so so much to see. I feel like I don't know enough about Animal Kingdom as I've only been there one time and that was 9 years ago already. Epcot has SOOO much to offer as well...I especially love eating in Mexico (of course) and then there is the Test Track ride. Yay. And then what about Hollywood Studios...the Rock n Roller Coaster is THE BEST!! Well, I will have to stick with my choice of the Magic Kingdom as my favorite, but that is subject to change upon my next visit to WDW. Oh and you better believe that if I lived closer to Orlando or happen to come in to some money, I WILL BE driving my fanny down there for my birthday, which happens to fall on a Sunday and I will get into the park(s) for FREE!!!!

What would your dream job be?
You would think I would have an answer to this one @ the drop of a hat. but I don't. I always like Dawn's answer of WDW Park Tour Guide...but that's hers and I can't steal I'm going to have to go with Dolphin & Killer Whale know, like @ Sea World. Years before I was ready for college I had wanted to study Marine Biology, well as soon as I realized how many Biology classes I'd have to take and how many animals I'd likely have to dissect, I changed my mind pretty quickly. I cannot handle that part. Why can't I just be the person to dive off of Shamu's nose?? That's all I really want to do. Heck, I'll even feed them and clean their tanks too, I just can't handle the blood & guts stuff. I really just need to move and go get a job @ Discovery Cove or at least visit and do the Trainer for a Day package.

Would you rather climb Mount Everest or do an expedition through the Sahara Desert?

I'd definitely take the Sahara Desert expedition. I love the heat. I hate the cold. Both of these made answering this much easier. Plus, who wants to climb a mountain and struggle to breathe with every step you take? Not me. If I wanted to struggle to breathe, I'd smoke. It's easier and doesn't involve climbing.

What is the best gift you've ever received?
I'd like to quickly & easily say there is SOMETHING I have received in my life that has some great significant meaning and that I'll cherish forever...but nope, not really, not that comes to mind right away anyway...sorry folks, I really don't have an answer like that for you. I could say it was the car I received for Christmas the year I turned 16. While it was an amazing gift, I cannot say it was the "best"...then I could say maybe it was the money that my great aunt left for me to use for college, without that I'd probably have undergraduate loans to deal with or worse, have no college education and I wouldn't have landed some of the jobs I have had....but the best gift...I'm still not sure...I think if it comes down to sentimental value, then it's going to have to be a watch that I received for Christmas, many many years ago, from my grandma. It's a Pluto watch. The second hand is a bone. I wore this watch everyday for I couldn't tell you how long, but it was a long time. It's now tucked safely away in my dresser and I think of my grandma everytime I look at it and for THAT reason alone, it is the best gift I have ever received.

What is your biggest regret in life?
Oh, there are many to choose from too. I'd have to say the fact that I didn't go away to college after high school and instead went to a community college for 2 years and then transferred to a local university for the rest of my undergraduate education. At the time, I just didn't feel ready to leave home and really had no reason to "want" to leave - I am an only child after all. My parents did not go to college and so there were no words of wisdom or encouragement about the experience of going away and living on campus. I learned all these things after the fact. I am certain that my life would be 10x different had I gone away and had all the college living experiences. I also regret not finding a way to get scouted by college softball coaches. Not to sound cocky, but I know I could have played @ the college level and probably gotten a scholarship...heck, maybe I would have even been encouraged to go directly to graduate school and I wouldn't be stuck doing it now. Yep, that's my biggest regret. It haunts me on a weekly basis.

That was fun! If you want to play along and would like some questions, just let me know!


Daphne said...

I want to play!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

I love the new header! What a cute pic of you growing up! I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger, too. But it wasn't so much the dissections that bothered was being so far away from my family. Man, I should have done it, I'm far away from them anyway.

Magic Kingdom is the best! And softball is, too! :)

Good answers!

~**Dawn**~ said...

1. I would *never* be able to pick a favorite Disney park! LOL! I love them all for different reasons, though Hollywood Studios is my least favorite of them all. Magic Kingdom is, well, Magic Kingdom! Epcot has such awesome atmosphere...and Test Track...and Soarin'...and Food & Wine Festival in the Autumn. Animal Kingdom is never the same twice since you can't control what live animals will do (though you get much more activity on cooler and/or overcast days than bright sunny ones). And just *wait* til you ride the new Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios!! OMG so much fun! Long line but *so* worth it. Also? I am looking forward to hanging out with you when you do get your WDW trip! Count on it!!

2. I am sure we could share the tour guiding position. After all, you can only have one client at a time right? ;-)

3. Heh. It's easier & doesn't involve climbing. That is awesome.

4. I think the best gift I've ever received is the boxes of old family photos my Gram gave to me...There is no price tag that could possibly be put onto them.

pinklotus said...

wow! This is fun! But if I will be given the same set of questions, there'll be no way for me to answer number 1! I've always wanted to go disney land but I just can't. Hongkong is the nearest disneyland from here (Philippines!) and it's just too expensive to go there...

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I totally regret not going away to college too. Instead I moved in with my b-friend, decided I didn't want to goto school yet, got pregnant, married, divorced and have been going to college for the past 6 years!

Beth said...

Great questions and great answers! As for your regrets, you are probably more focused, more mature, and have some life experiences under your belt that will benefit you in your quest to become a school counselor. I can see it as a positive.

K13 said...

Daphne-I sent you your questions.

FG-I know huh...shoulda, woulda, coulda...

Dawn-thanks for sharing the tour guide job. i will do that on my days off from diving off of Shamu's nose. :)

PL-sorry to hear you haven't been to Disney.

OP-6 yrs of college...blech! But you'll get there!!!

Beth-thank you!!! I'm hoping all these experiences or mistakes will help in my soon-to-be new profession.

Daphne said...

Thank! you!
That was so fun

theres my answers!

~**Dawn**~ said...

After giving it some thought...hit me with 5 questions!

Mrs. C said...

L.O.V.E the new header and the Rock n Roll roller coaster at Disney!