Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweetsauer Photo Hunt-My Results=FAIL

1. A View from Above (looking down)
2. A Macro Shot
3. Laughter
4. Relaxation
5. A Celebration
6. A Sunset
7. Sun/Lens Flare
8. A Bridge
9. A Shadow
10. A Garden
11. A Park

12. A Street Scene
13. Signage
14. A Summer Activity
15. A Summer Treat
16. Earth
17. Air/ Wind
18. Fire
19. Water
20. Something Vintage (pre-1980)
21. Something Made of Glass

22. Something Made of Wood
23. Something that Floats
24. Something Railroad Related
25. Something Round

Yeah, I'm not very good at photo challenges apparently...


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Don't let one photo contest get you down. Your pictures are good and interesting. My husband has been entering photo contests for years and has only won on a couple of occasions and has never placed first. He gets discouraged every year, but then is right back at it. Keep on entering even if you don't win - it's all in the experience and sharing your photos with others.

emilysuze said...

I think your photos look great! No failage!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

I liked your photos! I want to try one of these sometime!

The Laughing Idiot said...

I wouldn't consider it a failure. Hey, you had something to post didn't you? And what you did post were very nice pics!

Failure? NO WAY!

Anonymous said...

You can always join again... and yes, you are NOT a failure. Sure you weren't able to capture all, but the pictures you took were wonderful.

I also joined the hunt and my results can be seen HERE. If you have the time, please visit as well. Thanks!

Brandi said...

No failure at all, girlie! Failure would be the word for MY participation (or lack thereof) in the challenge. I only got a few of them accomplished, and I'm too tired to post them!

Jen said...

they are great - I do agree! :)

way to go! I try to keep a copy of the 25 things with me so that i can get the list accomplished before the last day - haven't totally mastered that yet, but eventually...

Ang said...

Nice work... join in the next one for sure! You've gotta start somewhere!

Bengbeng said...

u didnt fail. u participated. I like the park pic

Faith said...

LOL! The ones you got were great! I couldn't figure out what that water shot was though...was the water coming out of the grate or what? It almost looked like ice or something....lol! Anyways, I worked all month and the last day I still needed six and ended up scurrying around to get the last ones. LOL! Just keep trying....I'm getting better at taking them through the month instead of all on the last three days...hahah...and when you do it again, you'll see the same thing happening to you!

Jamie said...

I love the water one.

foobella said...

Hey, You did better than me. I signed up and took zero pictures!

MOMSWEB said...

Eeeeweeee...I looove your pics!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I think the photos you were able to get are awesome! I love seeing all the different ways a topic can be interpreted. What you really needed was to spend that Saturday with me! We would have knocked out that whole list in one swoop!

kaye said...

Well the ones you got were amazing :) You’re hunt results were wonderful. Here’s my hunt hope you can stop by!

Kelly said...

The photos you did post were great! I love water, railroad and vintage. I look forward to seeing more of your photos in the future. Thanks for sharing. :)