Tuesday, June 02, 2009

te amo tuesday AKA spanish lesson

~when I asked for post suggestions on Monday (lunes), Travel & Dive Girl suggested doing a weekly Spanish lesson post...I think this is a good idea, although I'm not sure how helpful it will be from a pronunciation standpoint. I will try to post a pronunciation explanation as best as I can. Also just keep in mind that ALL Spanish words pronounce EVERY letter, then you should do OK.

~I was planning to do these on Fridays (viernes) but then came up with that catchy name "te amo tuesday" (which means "i love you tuesday") and well, there are more readers on Tuesdays than Fridays anyway. my decision was made.

~I'll start today's lesson with some basics and also provide some slang and cuss words so that if you are ever in a situation where you are being cussed at in Spanish, you'll know exactly what they are saying to you and hopefully be able to respond appropriately.

~I will also try to gear these lessons towards language/phrases that are more commonly used as opposed to what you will see in textbooks. there IS a difference. i learned the language LIVING in Mexico and found out that alot of things you learn from the books are never spoken.

~I've also added a couple of Spanish/English books to my Astore in case you are interested --see link to the right-->

~the basics~ (lo basico)
hola ** ¿que onda? ** ¿que tal? ** ¿que pasa? = basic greetings such as hi, What's up? What's happening? etc. can be used interchangeably.

adios**hasta luego** = goodbye, see you later.

i'm thinking/hoping you knew most of these. if not, well, you do now.

~some of my favorites~
¿en serio? - seriously?
¡como no! - of course!
no tengo idea.
- I have no idea.
¡callate! (kai a tay) - shut up!
me vale (may va lay)- i don't care (this is a really ugly way to say this)
no me importa - i don't care (nicer way to say this)
¡salud! - bless you OR cheers (now that's funny-say it when someone sneezes or slams a beer)

~18 and over~
pinche (pin chay)- lots of meanings here...and best used in conjunction with another word or a person's name, for example: pinche Oscar, nunca me ayuda en la casa - that means "damn Oscar, he never helps me around the house"

pendejo- *note* the "j" is pronounced as "h" (pen day ho) - asshole. by far one of my favorite Spanish cuss words...and widely used, so keep your ears open for this one.

hijo de puta (e ho day poo tah) - SOB

te voy a chingar (tay voy ah cheen gar) - i'm going to screw you over OR i'm going to beat the *&^% out of you.

mierda (me air da) - shit, so you can say "eres una mierda" = you are a piece of shit

As requested by Travel & Dive Girl:
stop being an idiot! - ¡deja de ser idiota! (day ha day ser id e oh ta)
you are a jackass! - ¡eres un bil burro! (air es un beel burro)

*finally O helped me with something. he made great contribution to this collection of Spanish cuss words.


Optimistic Pessimist (formerly known as marathoner81) said...

I love the spanish swear words. I think I'll be able to incorporate most of them into my daily vocabulary.

M.J. said...

You definitely actually have to live somewhere a language is spoken to really understand and speak it. I lived in Costa Rica for 7 months and in Guatemala for a month and a half--my Spanish was perfect. No one suspected I was a lowly gringa.,everyone thought I was from Argentina, becuase I spoke so well, and wore jeans and sneakers despite the 1,000 degree weather (unlike the tourists in their shorts, flops and fanny packs).

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Que fantastico.....

Te amo tambien.

It's all coming back to me now. :)

I wish I could have lived in a Spanish speaking country for a bit, then maybe I'd remember this stuff!

How did you get to be so good? Maybe I'm too new of a reader to know, I'm sure you've explained before, but I missed it!

KekeLynn said...

Fantastic... I love it!!!

Kristi said...

Love the Spanish lesson!

pinklotus said...

♥wow! you're great! to be able to speak lots of language is something I've always wanted to do.... So if I want to travel around the world in the future, I'd be able to understand the people around me...

♥I am actually in the process of trying to learn Spanish... it's not really hard for me to do it coz Philippines was once a Spanish colony and a lot of people here are actually speaking SPANISH, which actually include my mom and sisters. Most words of my dialect (BISAYA-which is actually our primary language) are borrowed from spanish!

♥Unfortunately, I'm not really good at it. And I really really want to speak Spanish fluently. Thanks for this Spanish Lesson! It's Awesome and I love it!!! Thanks again!

Anna Kauz said...

I love it!! I can't wait for more :). I really liked that you wrote how to say some of the stuff because I know French and took a couple semesters of Russian, so things are said completely different. Everytime I see Spanish, I try to say it how I would in French, and my hubby always laughs!!

Señorita Andalucíana said...

jajajaja! Casi me cague de la risa cuando vi la leccion de hoy!

Very funny ma'am!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks again - I can hardly wait to take some of these for a spin...

san said...

Hey learning new language is real fun...i just went thro' ur lessons n' i'm lovin it. Good work ma'm !

GS said...

You can also say of course like this: por supuesto.

emilysuze said...

I love that you've included cuss words. Now I finally know what my sweet, darling middle school students were saying in class....

Travel Girl said...

Love the cuss words. I wish you lived in my area. I've been trying, for over a year, to find someone who will help me learn Spanish. Looking forward to next martes.

msprimadonna67 said...

Textbook Spanish I know; swearing Spanish, not so much. This is fun! Ya learn something new everyday: )

Beth said...

I'm going to try these out on my son. He is currently majoring in Spanish. He'll either be impressed or embarrassed.

tamma13 said...

Love the spanish! Thanks!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I was all set to giggle over learning how to cuss in Spanish & then I saw your note at the very bottom. Busted.up.laughing. That is my favorite part of this post!