Tuesday, June 16, 2009

te amo tuesday

This week's theme: bar/dating talk...thank you to KekeLynn for the theme suggestion

un bar (oon bahr)- bar, yep, it's the same word, basically pronounced the same too.
una discoteca (oo nah dees koh teh kah) - dance club
un parque (oon pahr keh) - park
un museo (oon moo seh oh) - museum
un concierto (oon kohn see ehr toe) - concert
una pelicula (oo nah peh lee koo lah) - movie
un restaurante (oon rehs tow rahn tay) - restaurant
locales nocturnos (lo kal ays knock turn ohs) - nightspots
chica/chico - (chee kah/koh) - girl/boy

mamacita (mama see ta) - literal translation is 'little mama' but in the bar/dating scene, it's more like "hot mama" or "babe" so if someone calls you that, it is somewhat of a compliment, however there are NICER ways for a guy to tell you that you are hot.

papasito (papa see toe)-same as above, but for a guy.

Brincas Dieras (breen kas dee yeras) - literal translation is "you'd be jumping for joy" but it's more of a slang phrase and would be more like "don't you wish" or "in your dreams" - so you would use this when some dweeb or creep hits on you in the bar and you are NOT interested.

¿tienes un novio? (tee n es oon no vee o) - do you have a boyfriend?
¿Estas casada? (es tahs ka sa da) - are you married?
No. Estoy soltera. (no. es toy soul terra) - No, I am single.

Si. Tengo un novio grande y fuerte. (Si, ten go oon no vee yo gran day e fwear tay)
Yes. I have a big, strong boyfriend.

¿Quieres salir conmigo? (keer es sa leer con mee go)
Do you want to go out with me?

¿Te gustaria salir a comer? (tay gus ta ree ya sa leer a co mare)
Would you like to go out to eat?

Paso por ti a las ocho. (pah so pore tea a las oh cho)
I will pick you up at 8.

Pase un buen tiempo contigo. (pah say oon bwen tee m po con tee go)
I had a good time with you.

Use at your own risk
caliente (kal e n tay) - horny
exitado/a (ex ee tah do) - horny
Estoy exitada (es toy ex ee tah da) - I'm horny.

Me estas poniendo muy caliente. (may es tahs pony endo muy kal e n tay)
You are making me very horny.


KekeLynn said...

I'm sooo going to memorize these!! I love t'amo tuesdays!!

pinklotus said...

Yay! You're the best... Thanks for these words...

M.J. said...

Useful Spanish to know, for sure. One thing, it's "mamacita," with a "c" not an "s."

for the love of pictures said...

Tee hee :) Thanks for the lesson. I'll have to memorize these.

Señorita Andalucíana said...

You know that's kind of funny because the word "bar" replaced "cantina" in Spanish for a reason. After the States made it OK for women to go to bars (societal rules and such) the name changed in Spanish to accomadate us ladies going for a drink too! Otherwise, in small towns like the one my family is from, it's still taboo for women to go to "bars" because they're still called cantinas. So huge difference! So if they ask you if you want to go to the cantina say no, suggest a bar instead! Those are usually way nicer too!

K13 said...

Keke-glad you loved it!!

Pinklotus-you are welcome.

MJ- combination being tired and late night posting equals the TYPO - thank you!!

Pictures-glad you like the lesson.

Senorita-very interesting. I did not know that!! Thanks!!!

lolit said...

i am learning, thank you so much. spanish language i think is much easier to learn than french,lol.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

This kind of make me want to go to Mexico and test out my bar talk!

~**Dawn**~ said...

The only one I need to know:

Brincas Dieras


Anna Kauz said...

Thanks!! I love these :)

Mrs. C said...

ah hahaha! Love it! I so need to print all these before my trip!